Online Meeting (Adobe Connect)

Online Meeting (Adobe Connect) is a live, virtual classroom environment that allows you to:

  • Participate in online subject meetings
  • Present or join meetings with your peers
  • If you can't make a meeting, listen to recorded audio or view presentations
  • Communicate using chat messages
  • Share content and applications
  • Participate in online polls
  • Take part in group-based activities (breakouts)

How to set up an Online Meeting (Adobe Connect) for the first time

What you need - technical requirements

  1. Computer with an internet speed of at least 512 Kbps
  2. Recommended browsers: Firefox and Chrome. These browsers enable full hosting, including screen sharing
  3. Microphone headset, if you're hosting or if you are a participant and the host gives microphone rights for participants to talk. Make sure it's plugged in before you enter the meeting room.
  4. Webcam (optional)

You can also use a mobile device with the Adobe Connect App. Not all functionality is available on mobile devices.

If you're still experiencing issues with connecting to or using Online Meeting, contact Student Central. For more information about getting started, go to Interact2 Help and Support.

Join an Online Meeting

To join an Online Meeting session, you'll need one of the following:

  • online meeting links in your subject sites in Interact2
  • a direct link (to the meeting) provided by your Subject Coordinator
  • your Online Meeting room address (URL) for the Adobe Connect App on a mobile device

Adobe Connect Quickstart Guides

How to participate in meetings

Adobe Connect Quickstart Guides

'Hosts' and 'Presenters' in Online Meetings are able to:

  • Upload and present a variety of file types including sound, video, pictures and scanned files (eg. pdf, ppt, mp3, mp4, jpg, swf)
  • Share your screen and any open applications (e,g. word and spreadsheets)
  • Give host and presenter rights to other users in the same meeting room
  • Open poll activities for meeting room users
  • Prepare multiple room layouts to use in different learning and teaching scenarios

Help and support using Online Meeting (Adobe Connect)

Privacy of Information

Online Meetings may be recorded and chat viewed by others who were not participants in the session. Hosts must inform participants how their personal information will be used. Hosts should also be aware of the:

Support for Online Meetings

Contact Student Central during their support hours to report a technical issue with Online Meetings. Once you have contacted by staff, it may take up to 1 hour to get a response for issues affecting availability. Please allow 2 business days for the resolution of major incidents affecting the availability of Online Meetings.

Online Self Help

Help from within the Online Meeting room

Access help by selecting the Help drop down in the room

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