Indigenous students

We’re pleased to walk with you to be able to support your academic journey, providing a culturally safe environment to learn in.

Using our support services will ensure you thrive at university and beyond.

The following support services are available:

  • Academic Support

    For access to academic resources, to book an appointment with a Learning Advisor (Indigenous Students), register for tutoring and for general study advice, the Indigenous Academic Success Program is here to support.

    Indigenous Academic Success Program

  • General Support

    Our Indigenous Student Liaison Officers are here to provide general support, advice and advocacy on all pastoral needs. For support accessing Charles Sturt systems, selecting or withdrawing from subjects, advice on scholarships, support with appeals and to refer you to other appropriate support services, our Indigenous Student Centres are here to support.

    Indigenous Student Centres

  • Scholarships

    There are a number of scholarships available specifically for Indigenous students at Charles Sturt. Ensure you regularly review these as they can provide much needed financial support. Additionally, ensure you check out scholarships available for all students.

    Indigenous student scholarships

    View all scholarships

  • Away From Base

    The Away From Base program provides financial assistance for meals, travel and accommodation for eligible students while attending compulsory residential schools and/or professional placements in eligible courses. Eligible courses include the following (except where studied on-campus):

    • 4409MH Bachelor of Health Science (Mental Health)
    • 3314WJ Graduate Certificate in Wiradjuri Language, Culture and Heritage
    • 4415NS Bachelor of Nursing
    • 4418PM Bachelor of Paramedicine
    • 1502SW Bachelor of Social Work
    • 1708PQ Master of Social Work (Professional Qualifying)

    More about the grant

  • Interact2

    Visit our Indigenous Student Success to find further information, resources, contact details and links to online Study Sessions. Keep updated with announcements and join conversations on our discussion board.

    Interact 2: Indigenous Student Success

  • Yalbilinya Ngurang

    Meaning 'Place of Learning' in Wiradjuri, Yalbilinya Ngurang (Yal-bil-in-ya Nu-rang) is a place you can find people, information and resources to help you with your research and study.

    Libguides portal

  • Indigenous Health Student Support

    Three Rivers Indigenous Health Success Officers provide a variety of services to support eligible Indigenous health students to succeed. For placement support, cultural advocacy, mentoring support or financial assistance our staff are here to help.

    Three Rivers University Department of Rural Health

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