Maintenance, cleaning and laundry

As a student living on campus, you have an opportunity to connect with your fellow students and with the greater campus community. Your responsibilities as a resident and demonstrating these will go a long way to creating a happy student household.


You can request maintenance for any non-urgent repairs using the Maintenance Request form in the Accommodation Portal. Log into the portal to submit your room maintenance request.

For urgent maintenance, please contact the Residence Life office at your campus.

If your request for urgent maintenance is out of hours, please contact Campus Security.


Washing machines, dryers and clotheslines are available in every residential community. You’ll just need to bring your own pegs and front-loader washing detergent. All usage costs are included in your room rate.


We want your living environment to be warm, welcoming and homely. Your commitment to the tidiness and cleanliness of your room is important. This includes your help in keeping the common facilities clean and tidy to ensure that everyone is comfortable.

Basic cleaning equipment is provided in each residence.

All common rooms, shared kitchens and bathrooms are cleaned regularly.

Please be considerate of others. You can do this with simple acts: remove your rubbish, keep the communal refrigerator clean, and wash and put away cooking and eating utensils after use.

We may establish a cleaning schedule to ensure you contribute to keeping our Residences in a clean and tidy condition.

Bedrooms, individual kitchenettes and ensuites are your responsibility.

Student residents: your responsibilities

If you have not been able to keep your room up to a good standard of cleanliness, you'll get a 24-hour notice to clean it up.

If you don’t, or can’t, we will need to bring in the University’s cleaners and you will be charged for that cleaning service. If you fail to maintain your room in an acceptable condition on a regular basis, you may be directed to vacate your room and have your residential agreement terminated

See Policies and guidelines for general regulations about living in on-campus accommodation.

See Residential Agreement for the house rules and expectations of residents living on campus with regard to administrative responsibilities.

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