Special Consideration

If your studies are disrupted by illness or other serious circumstances, you can apply for special consideration for your subjects.

Before you apply

To apply for Special Consideration, the circumstances must have:

  • been beyond your control
  • impeded your ability to study or to meet subject requirements.
COVID-19 and special consideration
Last Updated

30 Oct 2020 at 1:55pm

All students are eligible to apply for special consideration if they are impacted by COVID-19. This will allow you to take longer to complete a subject after the end of session through a grade pending (GP) grade or withdrawing from a subject after census date with an Approved Withdrawal (AW) grade.

Applying for Approved Withdrawal due to COVID-19

Students may be eligible to apply for Approved Withdrawal (AW) after census date. Approved Withdrawal will allow you to leave a subject without any academic penalty if you’re impacted by COVID-19, so you won’t have any negative impacts on your GPA or transcripts.

Requests for Approved Withdrawals that meet one or more of the following criteria will be automatically approved:

  1. You are working in the health industry or for an emergency services agency such as the police, SES, military, fire services and the like, and have experienced increased work commitments due to COVID-19. Where possible, provide a letter from your employer as evidence. Otherwise, specific evidence is not required.
  2. You have contracted COVID-19 and are unable to continue studying. Provide a medical certificate as evidence.
  3. You are unable to continuing studying due to increased carer commitments resulting from a family COVID-19 diagnosis, COVID-19 closures or other relevant COVID-19 impacts. As evidence, provide a statutory declaration, letter from a medical professional or information from a school about closures.
  4. Other COVID-19 related impediments have had a serious impact on your ability to continue studying. Provide appropriate documentation as evidence.

Other requests for Approved Withdrawal due to COVID-19 will be reviewed and assessed by your Faculty.

View the supporting documentation guidelines, and submit your relevant documentation as part of your request for an Approved Withdrawal when completing the special consideration form.

You will also be able to apply for a refund of your tuition fees if you are granted an Approved Withdrawal.

Types of Special Consideration

Approved Withdrawal from a subject

This applies if you need to withdraw from a subject after the Census Date but before grades are released for the session.

Grade Pending

This applies if you can't complete your assignments, assessments or placements by the end of session because of illness or other circumstances.

Deferred examination

This applies if you can't sit an official exam or your performance at an exam would be adversely affected because of illness or other circumstances.

Exemption from compulsory Residential School

You may be able to apply for an exemption from compulsory Residential School under certain circumstances.

Extensions on assignments

Your subject outline in Interact2 will outline the criteria for an extension on an assignment.

Other in-session items

You may be able to apply for Special Consideration as part of other as directed in your subject outline in Interact2.

Types of issues and reasons you can apply

  • Short term issues during session
  • Long term issues

    This includes issues:

    • during session
    • during the exam period
    • that extend after the end of session.

    To see if your circumstances are covered, view the Special Consideration Policy.

    You can then complete and lodge the Application for Special Consideration. Your supporting documents must be attached.

    If your request is due to illness, include the Charles Sturt University Medical Certificate [PDF] as supporting documentation if possible.

  • Reasons you can apply for special consideration
    • Medical reasons.
    • Family/personal reasons - including death or severe medical or personal problems.
    • Employment related reasons - such as a substantial change to routine employment arrangements or status.
    • Administrative problems - such as the late receipt of teaching materials, enrolment errors or delays.
    • Sporting or cultural commitments - where a student has been selected to participate in a state, national or international sporting or cultural event.
    • Military commitments - where a student is a member of the armed forces involved in a compulsory exercise.
    • Legal commitments - where a student is called for jury duty or is subpoenaed to attend a court, tribunal, etc.
    • Other events that pose a major obstacle to the student proceeding satisfactorily with his or her studies.
  • Reasons you cannot apply for special consideration
    • Routine demands of employment.
    • Difficulties adjusting to University life, to the self discipline needed to study effectively, and to the demands of academic work.
    • Stress or anxiety normally associated with examinations, required assessment tasks or any aspect of course work.
    • Routine need for financial support.
    • Lack of knowledge of requirements of academic work.
    • Demands of sport, clubs, and social or extra-curricular activity (other than selection for state, national or international sporting or cultural events).
    • Difficulties with the English language during examinations.

Deadlines for submission

Apply for special consideration as soon as possible after the circumstances have occurred.

See Time Limits for Special Consideration submission

Help with your application

If you would like help with preparing your documentation contact your Student Liaison Officer or Student Central.

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