Jim Ironside


Professor Jim Ironside




Trained at the University of Adelaide, Prof Ironside is a board registered Specialist in Prosthodontics with a passion for high quality dental care. He is also passionate about teaching and research with a particular emphasis on Fixed Prosthodontics, Implants and TMJ dysfunction. Prof Ironside is committed to encouraging his dental colleagues to use microscopy in their daily practice to allow them to see what they don't see and deliver better treatment outcomes for their patients.

He is also involved in teaching Fixed Prosthodontics to the students at Charles Sturt University where he has an adjunct position as Professor in Prosthodontics. The teaching includes an extensive range of lectures concerning prosthodontics and guiding students through simulation practical exercises using live video via an operating microscope to show step by step demonstrations. There is also a significant emphasis on hand control/finger positioning and posture.

He has lectured around Australia and New Zealand plus Asia, Europe, the United Kingdom and the United States and has several publications in international refereed journals. His Master’s research topic was about the behavior of posterior composite resins and his PhD is in the area of fracture mechanics in dental ceramics, specifically in bilaminar ceramics under occlusal load.

Prof Ironside is also very enthusiastic about the Australian Outback, photography and helping people to become better photographers.

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