Current Service Disruptions

         There are no current service disruptions

The Division of Information Technology provides a secure and reliable computing environment for all students and staff. In order to achieve this, scheduled systems maintenance is required to occur from time to time in a managed way so as to minimise any disruption to IT services.

Evidence from student engagement indicates the least disruptive times for students is early mornings. As such, the preferred maintenance window for:

  • Student Online Systems is Thursdays 5.00am - 8.00am.
  • Non Student Online Systems is Wednesdays 6.00pm - 8.00pm.

The maintenance window will allow enhancements that require a disruption to a CSU system to be implemented, tested and approved in an optimal time frame.

If you are a student and require more information about a service disruption please contact Student Central. If you are a staff member and require more information about a service disruption please contact the IT Service Desk..

Planned Service Disruptions

         There are no planned service disruptions

Concluded Service Disruptions
Description Customers Affected Other Ways To Access Service Start End  
RISK & AUDIT Administration System (Protecht) will be unavailable while planned system maintenance is performed to improve the service.

We apologise in advance for any inconvenience this may cause.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact for Support.
Staff None. 21-Jul-2019 18:00 21-Jul-2019 21:00
VDI - CSU Staff and Students. A planned upgrade is being performed to improve this service. Please be aware that during this time VDI will be unavailable. Staff and Students None 18-Jul-2019 07:00 18-Jul-2019 08:00
SALPLUS (SAL+) will be unavailable while changes to the application are implemented. Users of Grade Transfer and SVS will be also affected during this time as this application will also be unavailable. Staff Users of SAL+, SVS and GTCD. N/A 17-Jul-2019 18:00 17-Jul-2019 18:05
WAGGA - POWER - DFM and Greater Southern Energy will be undertaking power pole maintenance in the Veterinary precinct, Agriculture Avenue on the Wagga Campus on Saturday July 13. All services will interrupted during this time. All Buildings along Agriculture Avenue will be affected: Buildings affected are: •108 – Shed •109 – Shearing Shed •110 – Machinery Shed •111 – Field Study Unit •113, 114,115,121,122,123,124,126,127,128 129,134&136 – Riverina Equestrian Centre •130,131,132,133 & 137 – Veterinary Clinic Precinct •147,148 &149 – Rhizolysimeter Precinct •162 – Dairy •163 – Farm Headquarters •165 – Cattle yards & Office NA 13-Jul-2019 08:30 13-Jul-2019 13:30
EXAM MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (EMS/Databee) will be unavailable while the application is upgraded. The Division of Student Administration apologies for any inconvenience. EXAM MANAGEMENT SYSTEM users. None 13-Jul-2019 07:00 13-Jul-2019 09:00
PORT MACQUARIE - Building 3013 (SHREC) is currently offline due to a fibre cut in AARNET's network between Sydney and Brisbane. Staff and Students at SHREC Access possible on the Main Campus building 801. 11-Jul-2019 15:30 12-Jul-2019 08:00
CHERWELL - Portal and Web Client unavailable while required configuration changes are being implemented Portal customers (CSU Staff) and web client users (Cherwell Analysts who use the web client). Analysts still able to access Cherwell via desktop client. No alternatives will be available for portal users. 11-Jul-2019 05:00 11-Jul-2019 06:00
STARREZ accommodation booking system are scheduling a planned service upgrade. This upgrade is to improve the performance and functionality of StarRez. Please be aware that during this time you will not be able to access StarRez or related services.
For questions: Please call the Residence Life support team on 1800 275 278.
Students and Staff None 10-Jul-2019 09:00 10-Jul-2019 11:00
LYNDA.COM will be unavailable while the vendor migrates all current users to LINKEDIN LEARNING. This will occur between 12:30am on Monday 8th July 2019 and 12:30pm on Tuesday 9th July 2019. ALL Staff & Students accessing None 08-Jul-2019 00:30 09-Jul-2019 12:30
EZPROXY, GPS, EQUELLA, COURSESPACE, WEB KIOSK EASTS, CSUSAP, BIEMS, FAST, WWW (NON CMS), ECOMMS, MESSAGE CENTRE, EXAMS, TIMETABLING, BRIDGIT: Security updates will be applied to a range of services during the course of the morning. Services may be temporarily affected during this period. Staff / Students NA 04-Jul-2019 05:00 04-Jul-2019 08:00