Current Service Disruptions

         There are no current service disruptions

The Division of Information Technology provides a secure and reliable computing environment for all students and staff. In order to achieve this, scheduled systems maintenance is required to occur from time to time in a managed way so as to minimise any disruption to IT services.

Evidence from student engagement indicates the least disruptive times for students is early mornings. As such, the preferred maintenance window for:

  • Student Online Systems is Thursdays 5.00am - 8.00am.
  • Non Student Online Systems is Wednesdays 6.00pm - 8.00pm.

The maintenance window will allow enhancements that require a disruption to a CSU system to be implemented, tested and approved in an optimal time frame.

If you are a student and require more information about a service disruption please contact Student Central. If you are a staff member and require more information about a service disruption please contact the IT Service Desk..

Planned Service Disruptions

         There are no planned service disruptions

Concluded Service Disruptions
Description Customers Affected Other Ways To Access Service Start End  
Division of Facilities Management have advised of a whole of Campus Power shut down on Saturday October the 12th (race weekend) between 9 am and 5 pm on the Bathurst Campus.
Work is required to facilitate the roll out of one megawatt of solar power for the Bathurst Campus
During this time PHONES, NETWORK and WIRELESS will be unavailable on campus, with the possible exception of WIRELESS in the 24 hour commons in the library.
All STUDENTS and STAFF WIRELESS access has been proposed to be available on level 3 of the Bathurst library 24 hour commons. 12-Oct-2019 09:00 12-Oct-2019 17:00
CHERWELL - Cherwell Desktop and Web Clients will be unavailable while new functionality is implemented Analyst users of Cherwell None 11-Oct-2019 18:30 14-Oct-2019 06:00
ASSIST application will be temporarily unavailable for upgrades between 6am - 8am Thursday 10th October. Users of ASSIST application. N/A 10-Oct-2019 06:00 10-Oct-2019 08:00
INTERACT2 is currently inaccessible from both internal and external networks. all users of interact2 none 08-Oct-2019 08:55 08-Oct-2019 09:10
INTERNET: internet access was interrupted briefly on Monday. 7am and 3:30pm. All NA 07-Oct-2019 07:00 07-Oct-2019 07:10
To ensure we continue to have the best systems available to support students and staff, a major upgrade to Banner, the universities core Student Management and Finance System, is scheduled to occur over the upcoming October Labour Day weekend. This upgrade will require an outage to Banner and a number of satellite systems and is scheduled to take place between 4pm on Friday 4th October and 8am Tuesday 8th October.

Queries or concerns should be directed to Mike Charles. Email: | ext. 19895.
A complete outage to Banner and satellite systems is required for the duration of the long weekend. All impacted services will be restored by 8am on Tuesday 8th October 04-Oct-2019 16:00 08-Oct-2019 08:00
Partial outage to key components of Banner (Banner Admin, Banner Job Submission, Finance Posting, Approvals processes and some student facing web services). This activity is taking place in order to ensure that no write activity occurs while preparing the Banner Database for the major upgrade occurring over the upcoming weekend. Students Division of Student Administration Division of Information Technology Finance It is recommended that any activities requiring access to impacted services is delayed until the conclusion of the outage. 03-Oct-2019 05:00 03-Oct-2019 08:00
PRIMO myaccount ( CSU Library Services) via SSO will be unavailable due to system maintenance requested by the vendor Exlibris.

Users will not be able to access myaccount to check on what existing loans they have, renew/extend existing loans or make requests for physical items.

Users will still be able to access electronic library resources and databases. SSO login is not required for these resources.

All users requiring access to PRIMO myaccount Contact the library direct to extend/renew loans or request physical resources.

02-Oct-2019 18:00 02-Oct-2019 18:10
ADMISSIONS WORKFLOW and SPECIAL CONSIDERATIONS are currently experiencing intermittent issues. Staff may receive an error when they try to access their tasks ("Failed to render included portlet" error). Admissions/Faculty Staff N/A 02-Oct-2019 09:10 03-Oct-2019 11:10
ACSES - Academic Course & Subject Entry System is to be updated with bug fixes enabling additional functions for Subject Offering Admin Roles and QUASAR. The upgrade will be performed via a rolling install - No impact or outages are expected. Users of ACSES No impact or outages are expected. 25-Sep-2019 18:00 25-Sep-2019 20:00