Single Subject Study

  • Curious about where study can take you, but are not sure about committing to a full degree?
  • Would you like to follow your passion in a particular area of interest?
  • Do you need some new skills to take a step further in your career?
  • Perhaps you are a lifelong learner, always enquiring and looking to add to your knowledge.

CSU’s Single Subject Study could be the answer.

What is Single Subject Study?

CSU offers a range of subjects taken straight from our highly regarded degrees. This means you’ll study the same materials as students in a full degree, and interact with other students and lecturers through our flexible, online supported learning.

Single Subject Study at CSU can help you at any stage of your journey:

  • As a university taster

    If you have the desire to study at university but haven't yet had the opportunity, then Single Subject Study may be right for you.

    Maybe you:

    • didn't finish Year 12
    • went straight into the workforce
    • started a family
    • felt that a university qualification was unobtainable
    • didn't get into your course of choice

    By studying a subject or two, you can explore a topic you find interesting while proving yourself capable of university study. And single subjects can be credited towards your degree, if you enrol in a similar course.

    For a full range of undergraduate degree courses, visit Courses.

  • As a stepping stone to your first degree

    Successfully completing two subjects offered through Single Subject Study will give you a great sense of achievement, and you will have taken the first steps to building your own degree.

    You can use our subjects to improve your entry chances for another CSU degree if you decide a university qualification is for you, or your single subjects may help you enrol directly into one of CSU's generic degrees:

    As a student in one of our generic degrees, you will have access to an even wider range of subjects, allowing you to study what you’re curious about. Depending on the degree you next enrol in, you may be allowed credit for the subjects completed.

    For a full range of undergraduate degree courses, see undergraduate courses.

  • Build your skills or study for a new career

    CSU's Single Subject Study can help you update your professional qualifications by focusing on a specialised area, providing up-to-date education and research in your industry. You can fit your studies around your work commitments by studying through our world-class online distance education program with all the academic and peer support you need.

    If your single subject inspires you to learn more, you can build your subjects up to a degree or postgraduate qualification, which may even lead you into a new career.

    For a full range of postgraduate degree courses, see postgraduate courses.

  • Expand your mind

    Wherever you are in life, you can always improve your knowledge through further study and learn more about an area that really interests you.

    We have people of all ages studying on campus where you can make new friends and learn with people of all ages and backgrounds, or you can fit your studies around work and family commitments by studying via distance education, from your own home.

    Education is a life-changing experience, and CSU makes it easy for you to get started on a journey of self-discovery.

Most single subjects are ‘open entry’ – they require no prior knowledge or experience - so you can just enrol and start learning. To ensure your success, some subjects may have assumed knowledge requirements, such as some chemistry and biomedical sciences subjects, so please check the subject information for details.

Subject codes with a 100 number (i.e. ABC100) are typically first year subjects, while higher numbers generally indicate more advanced knowledge and study skills will be required.

Please note that while some higher level subjects, particularly postgraduate study, may not have specific prerequisites, they are generally only available to people who have an undergraduate degree or requisite work experience.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

What assessments are there?

As these subjects are taken straight from degrees, you will undertake the same types of assessments, and these vary depending on the subject. You may have to write essays, sit exams, compile portfolios, participate in forum discussion, or give online presentations. As study at CSU is all about your success, there is always someone available to help you if you are not sure. As we like to say, study is a path best travelled together.

What assistance will I have?

Wherever your interests take you, CSU will support you throughout your studies.

  • Student Central is available to answer all your non-teaching questions from getting your Student ID Card to assignment receipt and returns, counselling, accommodation and learning assistance
  • the CSU Library offers a great range of tools and tips for on campus and distance education students including tutorials and help with their online database of over 600,000 reference materials
  • Student Support also offers help and advice with counselling, health and wellbeing, emergency student loans and a range of other services
  • gain confidence or brush up your skills by taking one of the STUDY LINK short courses, offered on a range of topics including Mathematics for the Sciences, Transition to University Study, Writing at University and many more.
    More information on STUDY LINK

You’ll also feel part of the CSU community through the use of our great on campus facilities such as gyms, a pool, sporting fields and courts, access to student clubs, clinics and entry to special events.