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Charles Sturt University

Animal Care & Ethics

Charles Sturt University (CSU) is committed to excellence in research and teaching. In pursuit of this excellence the University maintains the highest standards in adhering to the requirements of the legislation governing and concerning the use of animals. We ensure that the welfare of animals is a priority at all times. 

Researchers who use animals for research or teaching purposes, have a personal responsibility for all matters relating to the welfare of the animals they use. This responsibility embraces a duty of care which demands a genuine commitment to the welfare of the animals, a respect for the contribution the animals make to research and teaching and a desire to promote the animal’s well-being.  

CSU ensures the welfare of animals through its Animal Care and Ethics Committee (ACEC). Before any vertebrate animal or cephalopod can be used for research or teaching purposes, the researcher must obtain approval from the ACEC. This assessment looks at animal welfare and also the scientific merit of a proposal to ensure that the use of animals is justified and that alternatives to animal use have been explored.   

It is important to note that CSU as a licensed Research Establishment and Animal Supplier and you as Researcher is obligated to comply with National and State Legislation for the appropriate care and use of animals. Significant penalties apply to both the institution and individuals that fail to comply with these requirements. Teaching and Research involving animals must not commence without the appropriate ethics approval.