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Complaints and Non-Compliance

CSU embraces a duty of care which demands a genuine commitment to the welfare of animals, a respect for the contribution the animals make to research and teaching and a desire to promote the animal's well-being.

Should you have any complaints or concerns with respect to the treatment or use of animals at CSU please contact the ACEC via:

Geoff Dutton
Presiding Officer
Email: animalethics@
Phone: 02 6933 4006

Belinda Waddell
Governance Officer
Email: animalethics@

Phone: 02 6338 6147
Phone: 02 6338 4194

Office of Governance and Corporate Affairs
The Grange, Building 1205
CSU in Bathurst

Postal Address
Office of Governance and Corporate Affairs
The Grange
Charles Sturt University
Panorama Avenue
Bathurst NSW 2795

 Concerns or complaints are treated confidentially and are investigated by the ACEC.


Researchers and Staff at CSU must comply with the code and legislation with respect to the treatment and use of animals.  Compliance requirements may include, but not limited to:

  • ensuring appropriate applications are submitted prior to commencement of project
  • timely submission of reporting
  • operating within project protocols and methodology
  • use of animals only as authorised

Failure to comply with requirements may result in the suspension or termination of your research project and CSU staff may be subject to disciplinary action and/or termination of employment under the University Policy.

It is important to note that mistreatment or cruelty to animals may also result in prosecution under the Prevention to the Cruelty to Animals Act.  Non-compliance also poses a risk at an institutional level and may result in the loss of licence for CSU as a registered research facility.

Complaints about the Committee Process 

Complaints about Committee processes can be made by participants and non-participants.  Refer to the University Complaints policy for details. 

Conflict Of Interest 

In raising complaints and concerns, notice should be taken of the University's Conflict of Interest procedure.