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About Us

Our Mission

The Division of Information Technology (DIT) is committed to a strong service culture and focuses on delivering 'fit-for-purpose' quality information and communication technology (ICT) services to the University community. Additionally, we are responsible for the execution of the Technology Initiatives (TI) portfolio and works in partnership with organisational units and external providers to successfully deliver TI projects.

Who we are and what we do

DIT is responsible and accountable for the strategic planning, development, management and support of ICT across the University; and the provision of related services to all staff and students.

Areas of responsibility include:

  • Access to the CSU online environment for students and staff
  • Desktop, mobile device and computer supply and maintenance
  • Staff email
  • Access and logins, IT help and support desk
  • Enterprise mobility technology
  • Security and risk management in relation to technology and data
  • Enterprise wide application and integration services, including corporate software and support
  • Network and Internet services
  • Enterprise Architecture services, strategic engagement and advice
  • Computing facilities including Learning Commons, Library and Computing Laboratories
  • Communication services including telephones, voicemail and video conference facilities
  • Audio visual services and teaching space technology
  • Staff IT training, online IT induction and orientation

IT Core and Non Core Services

DIT prioritises its work through a system of core and non-core services. Core services are those services required to ensure that a staff member has access to the IT resources which have been designated as being essential to the conduct of their work at the University. Non core services are those IT services, while desirable, are not essential to the conduct of a person's work at the University. The core services are listed below however this list can be supplemented for specific business processes, via the formation of an appropriate Service Level Agreement (SLA).

Core Services

  • Access to the University's online learning environment
  • Telephone and communication services
  • Internet access
  • Access to the University's academic and administrative information and services
  • The ability to effectively operate the standard suite of workstation software
  • The ability to print to a networked printer within the near vicinity

Our Service Standards

  • We behave professionally and treat all staff and students with dignity
  • Core service functionality will be restored as soon as possible but within a maximum of five working days
  • Any communication through the IT service desk will be acknowledged and action to restore core services commenced within two working days
  • Any communication through other communication channels will be acknowledged as soon as possible but within a maximum of 21 days