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Privacy Statement

The personal information collected by the Division of Information Technology, is protected by the Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998 (NSW) . The Division also subscribes to the privacy guidelines outlined by the Australian Government, found at

What Information is Collected

The following personal information is collected when you use CSU ICT Services (in addition to any other information that may be obtained by other University computer systems):

  • your name;
  • your account code (if you are a staff member);
  • your login ID;
  • your default password;
  • your active password;
  • your e-mail address;
  • websites you have visited (including the date and time of the visits) and the links that you accessed on those sites;
  • sizes of downloaded files;
  • applications run on CSU computers;
  • files and directories that you have created and accessed;
  • IP address of the Internet provider you used; and
  • IP address and volume of all incoming and outgoing data connections. Cookies may be given to your web browser and then returned to CSU web servers. Information stored in cookies may be collected when accessing CSU web sites. This information can include session number and duration, login name and password and other unique identifiers.

Information posted on the use of chat rooms, forums, message boards, wiki's and other shared communications facilities (both internal and external) is shared between participants of the communications facilities, and in some circumstances may be public information.

The following personal information is collected each time a call is received by, or made from the University phone system or CSU supplied mobile phones:

For incoming calls

  • extension number receiving the call;
  • number from which the call originated (if provided by the other party);
  • duration of the call; and
  • voice calls to the CSU IT Service Desk and other CSU service points may be recorded for quality assurance purposes. Callers will be informed if the conversation is to be recorded and may opt out as desired.

For outgoing calls

  • number from which the call originated;
  • number called; and
  • duration of the call.

For CSU voicemail messages

  • entire voice recording is stored in the personal inbox of the call recipient (recording is intended for the recipient only).

Use of Personal Information

Examination of your personal information held by the University is only carried out for the purpose of protecting University systems and to enable the University to conduct its business.

Technical Officers within DIT who have access to personal information in order to do their job are bound by the University's code of conduct.

Personal information collected may be used for identification purposes when:

  • issuing or changing passwords;
  • investigating faults in the University's internet services;
  • improving administration of the University's website;
  • monitoring phone usage levels;
  • carrying out accounting and cost recovery activities, or
  • tracking harassment calls or other suspected abuses of the data, video and telephone systems.

Your personal information may also be used to investigate breaches of the Computing and Communications Facilities Use Policy. Access to the logs that record student use of the CSU network for the purposes of investigating breaches of the Code of Conduct is authorised by the Director of Customer Services, Division of Information Technology. Access to logs that record staff use of the CSU network is authorised by the Executive Director, Division of Information Technology (or nominee).

Your personal information will not be used for any other purpose unless you give DIT permission.

Disclosure of Personal Information

The personal information you provide will not be made available to any person or organisation outside the University without your written consent (unless we are required by law to disclose it).

Please note - any information disclosed in What's New constitutes public information. You should exercise caution if you decide to disclose your personal information via this channel.

Access to Personal Information

Your personal information will be stored securely and electronically by the University for seven years.

You may seek access to your personal information to ensure that it is not inaccurate, irrelevant to the purpose for which it was collected, misleading, incomplete or out-of-date. You may also ask us to amend any of the information we hold about you or to add comments or explanations in relation to the information we hold on you. Please contact the Executive Officer, Division of Information Technology, for further information:

Executive Officer
Division of Information Technology
Charles Sturt University
PO Box 789
Albury, NSW, 2640

If you are unhappy with the way we have handled or failed to handle your personal information, you may apply to have the matter reviewed by lodging a formal application with the University Secretary:

The University Secretary
Charles Sturt University
The Grange
Panorama Avenue

The University's Privacy Management Plan can be located on the CSU Policy Library site.

Executive Director
Division of Information Technology