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Enterprise Architecture

The ultimate goal of enterprise architecture is to maximise the capabilities of the organisation as a whole. The CSU Enterprise Architecture team support this goal through delivery of services.

Given the significant size and complexity of the organisation, responsibility for areas of speciality are distributed across the team. The areas of speciality are identified through a combination of portfolio(s) and strategic foci.

A portfolio is an area of interest relevant to a common industry speciality or domain. At CSU, these portfolios include areas such as Application Architecture and Information Architecture. Identifying an individual team member for each of these areas allows a deep understanding of these domains and provides continuity in service provision over time. Responsibilities for portfolios are typically ongoing and seldom change.

Strategic Foci are specific areas of interest that require dedicated attention but are not specific to a single portfolio area or domain. For example: the Identity Management strategic foci requires consideration of infrastructure, information, security and more.

Additionally, strategic foci can sometimes have shorter periods of relevance and as such allocations of foci to individual Architects can change over time. For example: the transition from four to three faculties is a significant change requiring dedicated attention for a period of time, however, once complete, the foci will withdraw from primacy.

The CSU Enterprise Architecture team also operate according to a set of overarching principles and use a common glossary.

The Senior Enterprise Architect (Digital) is responsible for coordinating Enterprise Architecture activities across the team.

PortfolioStrategic Foci
ApplicationsStrategy and Planning
InformationLearning and Teaching
InfrastructureThree Faculty Transition
 Business Intelligence and Analytics
 Initiatives and Projects
 Identity and Access Management
 Physical Facilities