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The Mobile Enterprise Architecture portfolio focuses on the development of mobile capability across CSU. In this context, mobile is defined as being related to people, process and technology capabilities that assist CSU in allowing anywhere, anytime access to information and services.

The Mobile portfolio is managed by the Senior Enterprise Architect (Digital).

Key Concepts

  • Health – the key measure of health across the level of mobile capability. Capability is determined by a combination of how well it can be accessed via the mobile web and the extent of mobile app coverage that exists.
  • Activities – a view of planned capability developments and timelines was outlined in the Mobile Roadmap in January 2015. An update of the Roadmap will be developed in Q1 2016.

Key Artefacts

The extent and condition of CSU's mobile capability is assessed and reported through the use of the following:

Title Description Date
Mobile Capability Model A model which shows the extent of mobility demonstrated by systems that support key organisational functions. Mar 2015*
Mobile Roadmap A model which shows key capability building activities of the next two years. Jan 2015*
Mobile by Design A set of guiding principles used to inform decision-making in a way that encourages and promotes the development of mobile capability. Oct 2013
Mobile Terms A set of definitions for terms that are relevant to the mobile portfolio. Jan 2016

* - Document currently under review / redevelopment.

Common Queries

Query Resolution
How many of our core applications have mobile apps? The Mobile Capability Model Catalogue lists the mobile app capabilities of core applications and the dashboard provides statistical summaries.
What determines whether an application is mobile friendly? The Mobile by Design document outlines the criteria that determine whether a system has high or low levels of mobile capability.
I have identified an app I'd like to use in my teaching and it's not on the assessed list, who do I talk to about it? You can contact Matt Morton-Allen (Senior Enterprise Architect, Digital) at or 84920.