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Mobile Terms

The mobile space is a place of rapid change and ever increasing complexity.

A common barrier to effective communication of mobile related ideas, innovations and improvements are terms specific to the mobile context.

The following terms are provided to assist stakeholders in mobile related communications:

WebA system of interlinked documents and multimedia that are connected over the internet and accessible to users via a web browser.
MobileAn information service or technology that has been optimised for access and use via mobile devices.
OnlineAvailable on or performed using the internet or other computer network.
Responsive DesignAn approach to the development of web content which automatically adjusts the presentation (e.g. the resizing of images or changes to text layouts) for optimal usability and experience across a broad range of devices. It is a common approach for providing mobile web content.
DigitalInformation or services that are stored, managed and/or delivered via computerised technologies.
Web ContentA collection of static multimedia assets designed for delivery via the web.
Web AppInteractive software delivered to users via the web that provides one or more functions to support specific needs.
Mobile DeviceA set of portable technologies that provide wireless access to internet and cellular phone network based information and services.
Mobile WebWeb based information and services that have been optimised for access and use through mobile devices.
Mobile PlatformThe operating system underlying common brands of mobile devices.
Mobile AppA piece of interactive software designed for installation and operation on specific mobile devices. Also known as "native" apps.