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Identity and Access Management

CSU's Identity Management (IDM) architecture and processes relate to the management of information pertaining to people and their access to computerised systems.

Key Concepts

  • Identity Data Capture: Collection and electronic storage of attributes relating to individuals and how they are affiliated with the University
  • Identity Verification: The process of gaining a level of assurance that a person is who they claim to be
  • Identity Reconciliation: Comparing new identities against existing identity records to identify duplicates
  • Credential Allocation: Issuing and management of usernames, passwords or any other methods of authentication
  • Grouping: Automatically or manually assigning identities into cohorts to ensure the correct access to services is granted
  • Access Federations: Managing participation in federated authentication organisations to extend access control to offerings of other service providers
  • Authentication services:  Comparing asserted credentials against those on record to prevent unauthorised access to services
  • Auditing: Comprehensive logging of changes to identity data, cohort membership and access to services


The CSU IDM architecture is a distributed, rather than centralised, model.

In a centralised model, identity data is captured in a central Identity Management Application that reconciles the identity against all existing identity records, establishes an identity record and then distributes the details to other information systems.

This differs from a distributed approach where the identity data is collected in contributing applications (Identity Gateways) and then transferred to a central identity repository.  This central IDM application performs the functions listed above.

Key Artefacts


CSU IDM Architecture

Diagrammatically shows:

  1. The interrelationship between systems that constitute the IDM architecture.
  2. The procedural and functional aspects of the IDM process

Dec 2015

Trust-Level Framework

Proposed framework relating to Trust Levels for identities that have an affiliation with CSU

Nov 2015*

IDM Roadmap

Roadmap for ongoing expansion of IDM capability

March 2018

IDM PSI Considerations

Identity and Access Management – current state and considerations for prospective students

Aug 2015

PSI Proposal

Prospective Student Identities - project proposal

Dec 2015

*- Document currently under review / redevelopment