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DIT'S focus on research covers the provision of services that underpin the research activities of both staff and Higher Degree Research (HDR) students. 

Key Concepts

  • Research data storage and archive services: Services that allow secure storage of research data and related documents in support of the Research Data Management Policy
  • Research collaboration tools and services: Supports document and data sharing between the CSU research community as well as external colleagues and organisations
  • External Research Services: Facilitates access to services via technical integration with Access Federations and Government research initiatives, such as Research Data Storage Infrastructure (RDSI) and international identifier schemes (e.g. ORCID)
  • Research Publications and Journal Repositories: Support controlled access to a wide variety of scholarly publications and research data sets through secure authentication methods and group membership
  • Scientific instrumentation:  Operating systems and network support for management and network connectivity of scientific instruments and other technologies used in the generation of research data

Key Artefacts


Research Data Storage Framework

Information on appropriate storage solutions throughout the research data lifecycle

Sep 2015*

Research Capability Anchor Model

Model of CSU research on which capability improvements can be mapped

Nov 2015*

*- Document currently under review / redevelopment