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The student strategic focus is intended to provide an ongoing and consistent contact point from within the Enterprise Architecture team for student related activities.

In this context, the extent of the student focus is defined as being activities relating directly to students which are not learning and teaching or research related (those being covered as separate strategic foci within the Enterprise Architecture team).

Content areas within the student strategic focus include:

  • Student administration, and
  • Social and general student related IT services (for example the Student Portal) activities

The Senior Enterprise Architect (Digital) is responsible for the student strategic focus.

Service delivery resulting from previous student strategic focus related engagements include:

  • Student Portal high level architecture development,
  • Message Centre improvement ISIP and ICT-SWR proposal development,
  • eExams pilot risk assessment and contract development,
  • Student IT service contact point analysis and report,
  • Events Management mobile app pilot risk assessment, and
  • Admissions SMS tool proposal and architecture development