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ICT: Significant Works Register

The Information and Communication Technology: Significant Works Register (ICT:SWR) is a register of work required to be undertaken within the Division of Information Technology (DIT) to enable:

  • Current IT services to operate efficiently and effectively
  • Projects on the Initiatives and Strategy Implementation Plan (ISIP) to progress more easily i.e. prerequisite technical work
  • Expansion or optimization of existing services to cater for normal growth patterns
  • Work Process Improvements to be identified, documented and scheduled for development and implementation
  • Enhancements to existing services through request/assignment and problem management
  • Development of DIT and University roadmaps
  • Innovation
  • Development of new technology enabled services that do not require the support of a project management structure

Aligning with University Strategy

Whilst the ICT:SWR is not part of the Enabling Plans, it is essential to enable DIT to deliver on these plans. All items on the ICT:SWR will align with the University Strategy.

The Register is used to assist the Division in allocating resources to these tasks and to prioritize these in the context of the ISIP, as well as in context of priorities of objectives specified in the Division's Strategic and Operational plans. The assignments and tasks are prioritized by the ICT:SWR Committee to support strategic alignment.

The ICT:SWR consists of assignments scheduled over a period of 1 – 2 years which allows the Division and  University to forward plan tasks and assignments of significance in line with Divisional and CSU strategic priorities. DIT is responsible for the management, development and planned execution of the ICT:SWR.

DIT works in partnership with other Organisational Units and external providers in the delivery of the individual assignments within the plan.

We encourage your suggestions

DIT welcomes and encourages suggestions from the CSU community for work that should be considered as part of the register.

If you have a specific requirement please submit your request for consideration by the ICT:SWR committee.