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Technology Initiatives (TI)

Technology Initiatives (TI), formerly ISIP, is a portfolio of projects requiring planned change that transform process, information management and systems. Delivered within a project framework, these initiatives incorporate a major information communication and technology (ICT) component usually with an impact that crosses organisational units.

The TI is one of the University's major capital investment plans contributing to the University Strategy, ensuring compliance and improving our operational efficiency.

The TI program of work is scheduled over a three-to-five year period. The TI receives a budget each year to fund projects but also includes projects that are co-funded or funded from other sources such as SSAF. The Technology Governance Committee (TGC) oversees the plan including assessments of strategic initiatives twice a year to determine which receive priority within the available budget. All initiative submissions must address the required criteria. The Division of Information Technology's Project Portfolio team is responsible for the management, development and planned execution of the TI as well as providing support and guidance to Initiative Proposers and Project Sponsors.

Technology Initiatives - 2018

The Technology Governance Committee (TGC) recently finalised their review of new initiatives requesting funding in 2018. In total 16 initiatives were submitted with 11 progressing through to detailed submissions for consideration by the committee. Chaired by the Chief Financial Officer, the TGC is made up of senior members of the CSU community and is tasked with, amongst other things, the oversight and governance of the portfolio of Technology Initiatives. As shown in Table 1 below, nine of the initiatives secured funding.

If you would like information about any of the initiatives listed below please contact John Smith (Senior Manager, IT Project Portfolio) on 19783.

Table 1: Approved Technology Initiatives – Round 1, 2018

Technology Initiative TitleProposerFunding SourceEstimated FundingRatingPriority
My eQuals – Digital Student QualificationsIan McDermott, DSATI$330,000ACritical
Offer Decision Process ImprovementJulie Cleary, DSATI$205,835ACritical
Student Incident Management System ImplementationJenny Roberts, DVC (Students), Division of Student ServicesTI/SSAF$177,000ACritical
Enterprise Space Register IntegrationsSteve Butt, DFMTI/Energy$158,250AHigh
Workplace Learning PaymentsJennie Anderson, HRTI$142,666AHigh
Transforming Distance to OnlineIan McDermott, DSAContingency$130,000BMedium
CourseSpace Development 2018Elizabeth Thomson/Dallas Woolley, DLTTI$200,000BMedium
Governance, Risk Management and Compliance (GRC) Enabling Technologies ImplementationLinda Breen, GCATI$350,000BMedium
Reward Gateway ImplementationAdam Browne, HRTI$180,000BMedium