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Technology Initiatives (TI)

Technology Initiatives (TI) is a portfolio of initiatives requiring planned change that transform process, information management and systems. Delivered within a project framework, these initiatives are complex undertakings incorporating a major Information and Communications Technology (ICT) component and with an impact that typically transcends organisational units.

TI may also include pre-project investigation activities undertaken to establish greater detail (business value, resourcing, cost, feasibility etc.) for those potential initiatives that are larger and more complex. Significant Web-related projects that introduce enterprise change and require a range of technical skills may also be included on the TI to facilitate prioritisation, resource allocation and scheduling across the breadth of the portfolio.

TI may include ICT-related initiatives that are not funded from the TI-allocation. Examples include those funded by the Student Services & Amenities Fee (SSAF) or Capital Management Plan; funded activities enabling, or related to, the delivery of the Strategic Plan or ICT-related projects placed on the TI as determined by the Vice-Chancellor’s Leadership team.

The Technology Governance Committee (TGC), chaired by the Chief Financial Officer, provides direction, oversight and governance of the portfolio of Technology Initiatives (TI). The TGC is responsible for assessing and prioritising new initiatives annually and allocating funding.

2019 Technology Initiatives

In October the TGC finalised their review of new initiatives requesting funding in 2019. In total, 20 expressions of interest were submitted with 1 initiative approved to commence immediately and 12 progressing through to detailed submissions for consideration by the committee. Chaired by the Chief Financial Officer, the TGC is made up of senior members of the CSU community and is tasked with, amongst other things, the oversight and governance of the TI portfolio. As shown in the table below, 9 initiatives secured funding.

If you would like information about any of the initiatives listed below please contact John Smith (Senior Manager, IT Project Portfolio) on 19783.

Technology InitiativesProposerPriorityRating Funding Source Funding Allocation
HEIMS Redevelopment Nina Clemson, Office of Strategic Planning and Information (SPI) Critical A TI $1,460,000
CSU Recruitment Website (Future Student Hub) Redevelopment Shawn Walker, Division of Marketing and Communication (DoMC) Critical A TI $445,000
Study Group Data Integration Carmel O’Regan, Division of Student Administration (DSA) Critical A TI/Study Group $30,000
UAC White Label Roll Out Julie Cleary, DSA Critical A TI $540,000
UAC White Label Reporting Nina Clemson, SPI Critical A TI $180,000
Extended IT Support for Students Jenny Roberts, Office DVC (Students)
Brian Roberson, Division of Information Technology (DIT)
High A SSAF $136,000
Student Portal 2019 Jenny Roberts, Office DVC (Students) High A SSAF $300,000
Online Shop Phase 2 Ryan Giltrap, Division of Finance (DoF) High A TI $250,000
Subject Outline (SOT) - Part 2 Dawn Calvert, Division of Learning and Teaching (DLT) High A TI $150,000
Academic Workload Management Phase 2 Jennie Anderson, Division of Human Resources (HR)
Michael Kiernan, Faculty of Business, Justice and Behavioural Sciences (FoBJBS)
Medium B TI $325,000
Course Design, Accreditation and Publication Investigation Tim Mannes, DIT Medium B TI $200,000