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Project Resource Costs

Projects utilise a number of dedicated key staff, each with their own specific and important role to play in a project's life. Many of these staff are contracted by the Division of Information Technology (DIT) to work exclusively on projects making up the Technology Initiatives Plan (TI).

The expense incurred by providing these contract resources is recovered from all projects. The cost is shared across projects according to the extent to which project delivery resources are utilised (i.e. the more resources used by a project the greater that project's share of the contractor (A420) resource costs). The mechanism for calculating a project's contribution to the monthly contract fees is by applying a $72** per hour rate for each and any resource utilised on a project. Some resources, such as DIT Leadership Team are excluded.

All costs recovered from projects are used to fund project contractor (A420) fees. Although some non-contract (DIT) project delivery staff are included in this charging, the value of funds collected from all projects is used exclusively to pay for A420 expenses. No funds recovered from projects contribute to the cost of employing DIT staff.

The table below details the cost for each type of people resource involved with projects. This information should be used by Project Managers when budgeting for project expenditure. Project Managers receive a detailed financial report on a monthly basis which provides a breakdown of all expenditure including resource costs.

Further resources are also available on demand from DIT key partners and suppliers. This provides an option for projects to secure the resources they need, when they need them, in situations where internal staff are fully resourced. The table below also provides an indication of the likely cost of these resources.

Further information regarding the financial aspects of project activity can be obtained from the IT Finance and Portfolio Officer.

Resources Cost Model

Position / Skill

Current rate ($/Hr) from 1 Jan 2018**

External Market Rate ($/Hr)

Communication and Training Officer


$65 - 120*

Analyst Programmer (includes Lead, Senior, Analyst and Associate levels)


$100 - 155*

Client Support Officer (includes Systems, Networks, PC and Lecture Capture)


$60 - 120*

Business Analyst


$75 - 125*

Associate Project Manager & Team Leaders


$75 - 120*

Project Manager


$85 - 160*

Technical Officer (includes Systems, Networks, DBA, Research Systems, Video Systems and Audio Visual)


$100 - 155*

Enterprise Architect (includes Mobile/Digital, Business, Information, Applications and Security)



* Depends on nature of application

** Resource costs will increase each year from January 1 in line with salary increases

Most technical resources require at least 4 - 6 weeks formal notification for engagement. The formal notification process is with the submission of a Resource Request form (located in the CSU Project and Portfolio Template Repository).