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DIT is responsible for the management, development and planned execution of CSU’s Technology Initiatives (TI) which is a portfolio of ICT projects transforming systems and processes.

The Division also manages the Information and Communication Technology: Significant Works Register (ICT:SWR). The ICT:SWR supports the delivery of the TI and enables current IT services to operate efficiently and effectively, as well as provide enhancements to existing services through request/assignment and problem management.

Some current CSU projects are detailed below. A full listing can be viewed via the TI dashboard.

Credit Pathway Explorer (CPE)

It is with great pleasure that we announce the recent ‘go-live’ of the Credit Pathway Explorer (CPE).

The new system was successfully introduced into production on Wednesday 28 March and forms the last major deliverable of the Credit Pathway Management (CPM) project.

Implementation of CPE sees the project draw to a close after four years and offers a publicly accessible, searchable database of available credit and pathway options.

CPE enhances the overall applicant, prospect and student experience. It ensures consistency in credit offered and adheres to the CSU Credit Policy. Its introduction will see a reduction of administrative effort associated with the processing of credit and empowers Prospective Student Advisors to better serve prospects. Finally, CPE provides a single source of truth for the marketing of pathways and available credit.

Some significant system integration features were introduced alongside CPE. Thanks to these features, credit outcomes can now be posted into student banner records and related documentation can be posted into Banner Document Management (BDM).

Lastly, a big thank you to the number of staff that have made meaningful and noteworthy contributions to the CPM project. Specifically Mike Charles, Marian Wolmarans, Craig Patterson and Lauren Purcell. Thank you for your diligence, hard work and valued contributions to the project.

Special Consideration Workflow

In April, phase two of the Special Consideration project went live with new workflow functionality introduced.

With phase one seeing the replacement of old online PDF forms with an authenticated web form, the new workflow allows students who have had their studies disrupted by illness or misadventure to easily apply for special consideration regarding assessment items.

Before the Special Consideration workflow was introduced, each request (CSU receives an average of 557 special considerations requests per month) was manually transferred and touched four times across CSU. On average, this equated to a total resource cost of $100,260 per month. It is estimated that the Special Consideration workflow will halve the number of touch points resulting in freeing up staff hours for other work worth $50,130 per month. More information can be found in the Special Consideration Workflow Early Benefits Realisation Report.

New workflow functionality includes:

  • request routing and tracking
  • notifications for students, assessors, approvers and other authorised staff
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA) reminders for waiting requests
  • ability for students to track their requests
  • visibility of past requests from students
  • Banner integration to update grades (where applicable)
  • readily available audit trails
  • ability to re-assign requests
  • delegation for approvals
  • reporting options

Congratulations to the team who worked very hard to deliver this much needed product:

  • Anton Terblanche
  • Heather Fielding
  • Kate Aylmore (Division of Student Administration)
  • Dewang Shahu
  • Jason Hay
  • Chris Dunstall
  • Boram Kwon
  • Soe Soe Kyaw
  • Greg Robinson
  • Beren Walters
  • Kelly McCormack

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Sourcing

A tender and formal evaluation process to select a new CRM platform to replace our existing CRM system is currently taking place at CSU.

Implementation of the new CRM is a significant component in the development of our market oriented, student engagement culture at CSU. In addition to being at the core of our systems environment, a new CRM will provide significant improvements in our capability to know students better by personalising and improving their engagement with us.

At the end of April, a critical milestone was reached with the shortlisting of two potential CRM vendors. This means the tender evaluation team can examine the two solutions in greater detail and consider which one is the best potential fit for CSU against our CRM vision:

“The CRM Project is all about student engagement, and will sit at the core of the CSU IT landscape to enable staff to provide consistent, proactive, optimal and relevant student experiences and engage student’s knowledgeably. CRM will provide sustainability and agility to CSU by ensuring sustained student acquisition, retention and helping students excel.”

We’ve also upped the ante with a few new faces joining the project team. Dallas Woolley has come on as the Project Manager, and Carl Sudholz (new to CSU) as a dedicated CRM Business Analyst.

Next steps in the CRM tender process include:

  • Functional and technical demonstrations of shortlisted vendor offerings to the evaluation teams.
  • Workshops with vendors on key aspects of their proposals.
  • Reference checks with other Universities and organisations that use the proposed CRM products.

For more information about the CRM project, please contact Phil Roy (x34311, or Mark Westerman (x19927,