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What is Bridgit?

Bridgit is software which allows you to share content from your computer with remote sites over the Internet. The most commonly shared content includes PowerPoint Presentations, Word documents, other applications, web sites and pictures.

CSU staff, external collaborators and students may create and join Bridgit conferences. Conferences can be secured with a password to ensure only invited participants can join and view the data being shared. Participants can share control, write or highlight on screen and it is displayed to all participants. You can view a list of other people who have joined and remotely control someone else's desktop once permission is granted. You can share your desktop with other CSU staff, people external to CSU & students.

Can I share video using Bridgit?

Using Bridgit to share video is not recommended because Bridgit transmits images at approximately 5 frames per second (meaning the image is refreshed 5 times every second on remote sites screens). Video displays at least 30 frames per second resulting is missing frames, this will make it look like the video is freezing. If you would like other sites to view video during the meeting send a link prior to the meeting so each site can view it on their local computer.

When would I use Bridgit?

When you want to share content from your computer with people at remote sites and use the special tools which allow you to draw, highlight and use a screen pointer to draw attention to items of interest on the shared desktop. You can use Bridgit during a videoconference meeting, during an audio meeting and during a chat session. You can access and use it from anywhere you have an Internet connection.

Where do I get Bridgit from?

Bridgit is available on all videoconference meeting room computers for your convenience and can be downloaded on your computer. If you are using a computer purchased from the CSU Computer Shop you can obtain Bridgit from the Install Software icon on your desktop.


If you are using your own Windows computer you can run Bridgit from the website or save it to your computer for easy access next time you need it.


If you are using your own Mac or one purchased from the CSU Computer Shop you must save it to your Mac. When you open the zip file Bridgit will be automatically unpacked for you and you can run it.

How do I create a meeting?

  1. Open Bridgit and click the Create New meeting tab
  2. Enter the meeting name in the Meeting name field. (If you wish to set a password to restrict access enter it in the Password field and then re-enter it in the Confirm password field)
  3. Click Create New Meeting
  4. Advise all participants of the Bridgit meeting name (and password if you set one) so they can join

How do I share my desktop?

  • Click the Share My Desktop button (top left) when you're ready for the other site participants to view your desktop

Participants at other sites cannot see your desktop until you press this button to share it with them. If you wish to stop sharing press the Share My Desktop button.

How do I join a Bridgit meeting?

  1. Open Bridgit and click on the down arrow next to 'Meeting name'
  2. Select the meeting you wish to join. If the meeting owner has set a password you will be prompted to enter it
  3. Click Join Meeting

Handy Hint: if you start typing the meeting name you wish to join in the 'Meeting name' text box, meetings starting with the letters you type will be filtered out. This makes it easier for you to find your meeting in the list.

Troubleshooting Tips

You must be connected to the Internet to use Bridgit. If your Internet connection drops out you will be unable to see what is being shared.

If you experience problems with Bridgit click the x in the top right hand corner to close it, then reopen it.

Further assistance

If you have further questions or need technical assistance after checking the online resources contact the IT Service Desk.

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