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Computing Facilities

Computing Facilities

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Computing facilities are provided for learning and teaching purposes on all Australian  campuses. Laptops and/or mobile devices can be  connected to the wireless network providing quick and easy access to the Internet in any location.

Computing facilities on the larger campuses are located in

  • Libraries
  • Learning Commons
  • Computer labs

Additionally there are a number of laptops available for students to loan from the Libraries on the major campuses. They need to take their CSU card to the loans desk to request and borrow a laptop.

Students can print from any computer to their closest printer.  They can also elect to install printer driver software on their laptop so they can print straight from it to a student printer.

Information about locations, opening hours and available software  can be obtained by clicking the relevant link at the top of this page.

Specialist computer labs

In addition to the computer labs which are available for all students to use some schools have their own specialist labs.  The opening hours, availability and software in the specialist labs are managed by each school and can only be used by students who are studying with that school. If you are interested in accessing a school owned computer lab for teaching or events you will need to contact the school.

Assistive Technology facilities

Assistive technology facilities are provided in the Libraries on the major campuses and access is coordinated by the Disability Liaison team. Read the Service Catalogue entry for more information.

Computer lab bookings for teaching

Computer labs can be booked for regular teaching.  These requests should be forwarded to your schools' Administration Assistant prior to the start of session so they  can organise the booking for you.

To organise a casual computer lab booking

Check the timetable to determine ad hoc availability  and provide the necessary information in an email to See the Casual Room Bookings to view their list of steps.

If you have further questions or need technical assistance contact the IT Service Desk

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