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Available Software

What is this service?

DIT provides computers with Windows 10 installed as the standard operating system in CSU computer labs. MAC computers are also available in CSU learning commons with OS 10.11 installed. Additionally, a Virtual Desktop environment with Windows 10 is also available for download.

Find out more about Virtual Desktop for staff and students.

The lists below show what software is currently installed and in which computer lab the software has been installed in. The two lists indicate which software requires Academics to submit a request to DIT to be updated and which software will automatically be updated by DIT each session.

Request new software or a newer version of software to be installed in any computer lab.

What is included?

Most software can be installed by DIT using remote technology meaning the software can be installed without DIT physically attending the room. This can depend on the type of software and how compatible it is to being installed using remote technology.

Software that is not compatible with DIT's remote installation service and requires DIT to physically attend the room will incur installation charges. DIT will liaise with the requestor if this arises.

Requested Software

All software required for teaching must be requested every year during the normal request window (4 weeks before session). If no request is received, the software will be removed from the computers. Software requested outside the normal request period may incur installation charges at the discretion of DIT. All requested software should be tested, verified and signed off by the requestor before the start of teaching.

RALL 3.4.3
Virtual Vet MuseumALL PA machines in Wagga B290
MS Project StandardBathurst B1411 R207, Wagga B13 R1021,
Albury B753 R108, Port Macquarie B801 R2010
MS Project StandardBathurst B1305 R114 2013
ArcGISALL 10.3
EnviALL 5.2
ENVIAlbury B753 R108 5.3
PythonALL 2.7 and 3.4
PhysioExALL 6.0
SagaGISALL 2.3.2
PlantModWagga B281 R112 4.1.2
Poll EverywhereBathurst B1292 R223, Port Macquarie B801
R2063, Wagga B11 R208; B14 R115, R102, R209; B229 R178
Foodworks  ALL8
R ALL3.4.2

DIT Updated Software

The software listed here will be updated by DIT each session if a newer version of software is available. No request is required to have this software updated, the latest version will be installed each session.

Acrobat Reader DC ALL   18.009
Adobe Digital Editions ALL    4.5
Smart Notebook ALL    11
EndNote ALL ALL   X8
MS Office Suite ALL   ALL 2013
Mozilla Firefox ALL   ALL Current Version
Google Chrome ALL   ALL Current Version
VLC Media Player ALL   2.2.4
Office for Mac  ALL  2016
SPSS Statistics  ALL24
SPSS Amos  ALL 24
SPSS StatisticsALLALL 25
SPSS AmosALL  25

Software required to be installed in the computer labs and teaching laptops can be requested at any time during the year. Please allow 4 weeks for software to be processed and installed.

Prior to the start of each session, DIT will require software to be requested by a certain date to allow enough time for the software to be processed and installed. Notifications will be sent via What's New prior to each session with the required request date.

Requests for software are required to be submitted to DIT via the software request form. Please ensure the following information is provided with your request:

  1. Name and version of software
  2. Name of software vendor
  3. Which campuses or computer labs the software is required to be installed in
  4. Where the software can be obtained by DIT (e.g. provide URL)
  5. If the software has a site license or provide the number of licenses obtained
  6. If there are any restrictions associated with the software (e.g. license usage)

When a request is submitted, an automatic email is sent to confirm the request has been received. DIT will contact the requestor to confirm the details of the software and any special requirements.

Please note: DIT does not test the requested software. This is the responsibility of the requestor.

DIT will advise the requestor when the software has been installed in the required computer labs for testing and will require any changes to be made to be requested via the IT Service Desk within one week of installation.

DIT will do their best to ensure that the software is configured in an optimal way and that all functionality of the software is operational. Some software may cause other software to operate inappropriately and as such may need modification by DIT to restrict its impact on other applications. This is necessary to ensure the functionality of the central computer labs is consistent across all computers.

Some software is unable to be packaged so it can be installed automatically using remote technology. This software will require manual installation by DIT and this service is at an additional cost.

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