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Broadcast Video Teaching

Broadcast Video Teaching

Broadcast Video Teaching (BVT)

Broadcast Video Teaching (BVT) facilities enable simultaneous cross campus lecture delivery to large cohorts. BVT facilities are installed in

  1. Albury – CD Blake, Building 751 Room 104 (200 seats)
  2. Bathurst – Building S15 Room 223 (400 seats)
  3. Wagga – Wal Fife Building 14 Room 115 (400 seats)

BVT facilities allow these large lecture theatres to transmit or receive broadcast videoconferences. BVT facilities connect to each other to significantly increase the number of students you can deliver to simultaneously.

You can use any videoconference teaching space to deliver to the BVT theatres or to receive a lecture from a BVT theatre, however, Broadcast Video Teaching facilities are not designed to provide interactivity between sites.

What's the difference between BVT facilities and other videoconference teaching spaces?

The biggest difference in Broadcast Video Teaching facilities is one way audio. This means when you are transmitting other campuses can hear you but you cannot hear students in other BVT facilities. This is because there are no audience microphones above the students.

Other differences to be aware of in BVT spaces are

  1. A single screen is used to display both the content and the videoconference image. Students will see the content you are sharing full screen and they will see you (lecturer view) picture in picture (PiP)
  2. A Wireless microphone is provided on the lectern. Attach it to your shirt if you wish to move around whilst speaking. It will simultaneously transmit your voice to the other videoconference sites whilst amplifying it within your local theatre. The standard videoconference microphone is also provided on the lectern
  3. The Picture in picture (PiP) view of the lecturer covers a small part of the top right hand side of the content being shown (see photo)

What will the students see in a BVT facility?

The photo below shows how students in the Wal Fife theatre in Wagga will experience a broadcast from another campus. The content which is being sent is a PowerPoint presentation, all content is shown full screen. The lecturer who is transmitting (from another campus) to Wagga is shown picture in picture (PiP) in the top right hand corner of the screen.

Picture of student view in Wagga's Wal Fife Theatre

How do I use a BVT facility to deliver a lecture?

BVT facilities are turned on and controlled exactly the same as other videoconference teaching spaces. On the touchscreen

  1. Press Video Conf and Transmit Mode

The sound and projection equipment at your site will turn on and the videoconference will automatically connect at the scheduled start time. Use the buttons in the Image to Send menu on the videoconference transmit mode screen to change the camera view and select the content you wish to display to the other site(s).

What do the receiving sites need to do?

The other site(s) will need to press Video Conf and Receive Mode on their touchscreen(s) to turn the sound and projection equipment on so they are ready for the broadcast videoconference to start.

What do I need to remember when delivering by BVT?

  • Be aware of the location of the picture in picture (PiP) image. Please plan around this when creating presentations and resources to display during BVT
  • You will be unable to hear students in other BVT facilities
  • If smaller videoconference teaching spaces connect and speak to you it is unlikely you will hear them if you have a theatre full of students. You should advise these lectures are broadcast only to avoid confusion and manage expectations
  • If students in your local theatre ask questions you will have to repeat the question to the other site(s) as there are no audience microphones above students in any BVT facilities

Videoconferences are automatically connected but equipment must be turned on at both the transmitting and receiving sites using the touchscreen. It is a good idea to ask colleagues at the other campuses to attend the BVT facilities prior to the start of the broadcast to turn equipment on and ensure there are no audio or video issues once the videoconference starts.

Can BVT be recorded by CSU Replay?

Yes it can be recorded, select videoconference teaching space as the Capture Method on the CSU Replay registration form.

What technical support is available in a BVT space?

BVT spaces have the same level of support as other teaching spaces. If you experience any technical issues use the provided phone to call the IT Service Desk on 84357 and press 1 to be transferred to the high priority teaching support hotline.

Students can also use the phones to call for support. Please advise them of this process in your first broadcast in case they experience any issues in future classes.

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