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Teleconferencing System For Teaching

The internal teleconference for teaching service is being retired in 2014. We recommend using Greymouse Global which is an externally hosted teleconferencing service provider. It is cheaper and provides more convenient features than our teleconferencing service including

  • ability to record teleconferences
  • no need to book - after creating an account and providing payment details you can create your own teleconferences when required
  • initial $10 trial credit to evaluate the service
  • Skype gateway
  • option for conference to call invitees
  • email invitations
  • maximum conference size is 50 participants
  • web control - allows you to manage the conference from your computer (view who has entered the conference, mute and unmute participants etc)
  • international local call access
  • ability to secure teleconferences using a room PIN

Getting started with Greymouse Global

Support for this service is provided by Greymouse Global through their online form or their Live Chat facility.