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The fax service enables you to send and receive faxes from your computer without the need for a physical fax machine or a separate physical telephone line. Incoming faxes are received as email attachments (in an image file format called TIFF) and you can initiate sending a fax from many different applications on your computer which significantly reduces the time it takes to complete and the cost of the service to your section. The fax service is available to both individuals and groups.

Interaction Fax or the full version of Interaction Client must be installed before you can send or receive a fax using your computer.

Advantages of using the fax service provided by CSU include

  • ability to access received faxes from anywhere you have an Internet connection (both on and off campus)
  • ability to quickly and easily save the fax to the S: drive
  • reduction in steps needed and time taken to send a fax
  • ability to immediately forward the fax from Outlook without having to first scan it in and attach
  • assisting CSU Green to meet waste reduction targets by reducing the amount of paper used across the University
  • ability for all staff to have their own fax service with the same number as their telephone
  • ability to customise Interaction Fax to personal requirements (sending notifications, default or custom cover pages, number of retries etc) and Outlook to assist with organisation (create rules and alerts, change colour of fax emails etc)
  • ability to quickly and easily make changes to the fax to increase readability (eg rotate left or right) and add annotations

Policies and Guidelines

The conditions and obligations of using communication facilities at CSU are set out in the Policy for the Use of Computing and Communication Facilities.

Interaction Fax Guide

Fax FAQ's

What is my fax number?

Your fax number is the same as your telephone number unless you have requested creation of a group fax (accessible by more than one staff member).

How do we get a group fax that all of our team can access?

This must be requested through the IT Service Desk. An Outlook mailbox will be created that all of the team can access and a fax number will also be created and provided to the person logging the request.

How do I start using the fax service if I don't have a telephone number?

You must request a telephone/fax number from the IT Service Desk and provide an account code to charge the monthly line rental against. When the telephone/fax number is assigned you may install Interaction Fax.

What if I only have a hard copy of a document I need to fax?

Use a scanner to turn any hard copy into an electronic copy so you can send it from your computer. Most of the large multifunction photocopier/printers have the Scan to Email feature turned on. To scan from a multifunction press the Scan button, select yourself to send to (if you have been set up to use this feature - if not request it from the person who looks after that device or send to a colleague and ask them to forward it to you), enter other settings as required and start the scan. Once email is received the attachment can be opened and faxed from your computer. If you do not have access to a multifunction photocopier/printer you can use any scanner to turn the document into an electronic copy.

When I press the save button to save a received fax in Interaction Fax Viewer nothing happens, what is wrong?

You need to use the Save As command in the File menu and specify where to save it to (eg on the S: drive in your team folder).

Do I have to open the fax in Interaction Fax Viewer to save it?

No you can save the attachment straight from the email just the same as any other attachment. To save it without opening it first right click on the attached file, select Save As and specify the location you wish to save it to and click Save.

What if we want to use our old fax machine again?

As our current fax service operates over the CSU network and we no longer have dedicated fax extension lines your school or section would have to pay for a dedicated fax line to be installed in addition to the ongoing service costs. The initial and ongoing costs consist of

  • installation fee for an external contractor to connect a physical Telstra line to connect the fax to
  • Telstra monthly line rental
  • external vendor maintenance, warranty and support costs for fax machine
  • consumables (paper and toner)
  • any fax machine repairs including parts replacement

CSU are unable to provide any support or assistance with fax machine issues, external vendors must be contracted by your school or section to do this.

Self help resources provided by the DIT Education and Training Team

Fax support

If you require assistance after checking the self help please contact the IT Service Desk.