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Internet access @ CSU

CSU provides a fast connection to the Internet on all major campuses. The Internet can be accessed from CSU owned devices using both the wired and wireless network. Personal devices may access the Internet by connecting to the wireless network.

An active staff account (password less than 60 days since last change) is required to access the Internet. When a staff account expires Internet access is blocked automatically. The password must be changed to make the staff account active again and a request must be placed with the IT Service Desk to restore Internet access.

Policies and Guidelines

The conditions and obligations of using the Internet (and/or computing facilities) at CSU are set out in the Computing and Communication Facilities Use Policy.

What is meant by an internal website and an external website?

An internal website is comprised of any CSU webpage. All CSU webpages and websites have in their address.

An external website is comprised of webpages on the Internet which do not belong to CSU (ie do not have in their address).

Access the Internet from a CSU computer connected to the wired network

When a new computer is purchased from the CSU Computer Shop it is registered for use on the CSU network at no extra cost. Network and Internet access are then available when the computer is connected to an active network port.

When you open an Internet browser eg Internet Explorer and attempt to access an external website you will be prompted for your staff account details (username and password). Entering your username and password will enable you to access the Internet

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