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The use of mobile devices for work purposes has become widespread in recent years. This is due to an increasing amount of features and their lightweight form. The term mobile device is used to describe those that run mobile operating systems. There are a wide range of devices which fit into this category including

Tablets running

  • iOS (iPad, iPad mini)
  • Android (Samsung, HTC, ASUS, Sony Ericsson Xperia etc)
  • Windows 7, 8 & RT (Microsoft Surface, ASUS, Dell, HP etc)
  • Blackberry Playbook

Phones running

  • iOS (iPhone)
  • Android (Samsung, HTC, Sony Experia, Motorola RAZR)
  • Windows Phone (HTC, Nokia etc)
  • Blackberry

Mobile devices can be setup to

You can perform many other tasks on your device depending upon which apps you have installed. Links to popular apps are provided below.

It is not possible to provide full technical support for the large variety of mobile devices that exist. Limited support is provided for iOS (iPad, iPhone, iPod), Android and Windows devices to help you connect to CSU services.

Mobile device purchases

To purchase an iPad

To purchase a tablet

  • Complete the CSU Computer Shop Enquiry form advising which brand and model you are interested in. The CSU Computer Shop will provide you with a quote and information about proceeding with your purchase

To purchase a smartphone

Mobile device calls and data

CSU uses a Telstra Business Plan for all University mobile devices.

Bills are processed monthly and charged to the nominated account code via journal.  Business units are responsible for ensuring the expenditure is not excessive and fits within budget.

Monthly rental charges

  • $17.01 for mobile devices
  • $31.01 for mobile tablets

These rental charges include:

  • the first $20 of calls
  • data usage

More detailed rates listed below:

Voice Calls (per 30 seconds) 4.09 cents
SMS (each) 7.12 cents
Message Bank Diversion (flat rate) 3.95 cents
Message Bank Retrieval (flat rate) 10.06 cents

Data usage

  • CSU has an overall cap for data usage across devices on the Telstra Business Plan. Data usage on individual devices is drawn from this cap.
  • All CSU mobile devices are subject to reasonable use limits – DIT monitors data usage and contacts high usage individuals.
  • DIT maintains a central register of all CSU mobile devices to monitor the data pool and ensure accurate charging to budget centres.

Additional costs

  • Call charges incurred over $20 are at the rates detailed above and charged to the same account code.
  • International usage (see International Day Pass information for current countries included. Enabled only on CSU phones, not tablets). Find out more about International Roaming, including availability, call information and data allowances before you travel overseas.


It is the responsibility of the business unit to log a job with the IT Service Desk regarding:

  • lost and stolen devices
  • account code updates
  • charge enquiries
  • device owner reassignment
  • service cancellations

Mobile device security

The protection and security of University data stored on or accessed using mobile devices is the responsibility of the device owner. Confidential University data should not be stored on these devices where possible. There are a number of steps you can take to help prevent unauthorised access to your device and any information it contains. Information about the full range of security features and how to use them are located in the user guide for your particular device. Go to the manufacturers website to search for quick instructions or full guides.

We recommend setting a password or passcode as a minimum security measure on all mobile devices.




Popular productivity apps

Android self help

You can find comprehensive help by searching the online user guide for your particular brand and model of Android device. There are also Android websites which provide guides, tips and how to articles for many models of phone and tablet. Use Google, Yahoo or your preferred search engine to find what you need.

iOS self help

The Apple website provides comprehensive help and you can also use Google, Yahoo or your preferred search engine to find all kinds of information including handy tips and advice about innovative ways to use your device.

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