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Configuring your IOS device (iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad) to access CSU resources

Students and staff may connect their iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad to the secure wireless network to access online resources.

The instructions provided are for iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad using iOS 6 and above, if you have an earlier version you should use iTunes to update your device. You can still configure your Apple device to access online services but may notice the steps or views are a little different.

Before attempting connection you should have your CSU username and password. If your password has expired you will be unable to connect. You can easily view how many days left until your password must be changed (or it will expire) by logging into staff.csu and checking the Password toolbox on the left hand side of the screen (above Quicklinks).

Connecting to our secure wireless network - eduroam

Ensure your Wi-Fi is turned on (on your home screen touch Settings, Wi-Fi, if it says off, tap to turn on)

See to view the steps required for connection.

Initial iPhone setup for staff

If you have just received your new iPhone from the CSU Computer Shop and would like to start setting it up please click the link below for instructions.

CSU staff email

The Mail application can be configured to provide access to your email account on your Apple device. Please click the link below for instructions.

Email retrieval settings

Your device will automatically download new email according to the Fetch New Data settings

To view Fetch New Data screen

  • Settings, Mail, Contacts, Calendars
  • Fetch New Data

If Push is turned on emails will be pushed to your phone from the server, this means they will be delivered to your phone when they are received by the CSU mail server. If Push is turned off you can select how often you want new mail automatically delivered to your phone or you can select Manual to retrieve it when you open Mail.

The frequency with which you fetch can affect your battery life, battery life refers to how long your battery lasts after being charged. If Fetch is set to every 15 minutes it will use the charge faster than if it were set to hourly. If Push is turned on and mail delivered frequently, it will also reduce your battery level faster than having it set to manual. Tips on extending battery life can be found here.

You will need to update your CSU password on your device when you change it. Your device will usually prompt you to do this when it detects it has been changed.

To manually update your password to access your email

  1. On the home screen tap Settings then Mail, Contacts, Calendars
  2. Tap the Account field
  3. Tap the Password field and enter your new password
  4. Tap Done to save your new password

Checking your data usage

Find out how much data you're using and how to turn data on and off for apps

Popular Apps

More information and self help

If you need further information about the settings visit the Apple support site and select your device to view customised help.

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