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Teaching Space Technology

Teaching Space Technology

The University provides a variety of audio visual equipment to support learning and teaching needs on all major campuses. Teaching spaces range from small tutorial rooms up to large lecture spaces and  there are also computing lab facilities.  Particular schools also provide specialist facilities to further support the requirements of their subjects and courses.

Wireless network access is available from all teaching spaces on all major campuses.

About our teaching spaces

The type and size of a teaching space determines the equipment which is provided.  The standard equipment in larger spaces includes

  • Data projector and screen area
  • CSU Computer connected to the network, keyboard and mouse to operate it and monitor to view content on
  • Additional network port to provide wired network access to CSU owned devices
  • AV Input plate  to connect your own laptop or personal device to show to students
  • Powerpoint for charging laptops and other mobile devices
  • Document Camera (visualiser)
  • Combination DVD/VHS player
  • Microphones, amplifiers and speakers
  • A control system to turn equipment on and off and to select the content to display

Additional technologies  provided in selected teaching spaces are

  • High definition videoconferencing
  • CSU Replay for lecture capture (recording)
  • Dual data projectors and screens
  • SMART Boards or other interactive white boards
  • Sympodiums (Touch screen monitors which are controlled with SMART Board software)
  • Ability to control the lights from a touch panel control system

Booking information

You can check the availability of a teaching space by visiting the Timetable site.

Spaces can be booked for ongoing or casual use during session and for residential schools. The Division of Student Administration's Operations Team provides Timetabling services for all teaching spaces. They provide Learning & Teaching Room information which includes information about primary suit-abilities, equipment and student capacities.

We recommend speaking to your schools administration assistant or visiting rooms to check the available technology  as the spreadsheet is not up to date for all rooms and campuses.

Visit CSU Class Timetable - Policies Guidelines & Resources for more information about booking rooms (casual room bookings steps are covered at the bottom of that page).

A current list of CSU Replay capture device rooms is provided on the Learning and Teaching Registration form.

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CSU Replay (lecture capture)

There are three different methods provided by DIT for classes to be recorded (captured). The recording method depends on the room you are in. The three methods are

  1. Capture device
  2. Classroom capture (formerly known as podium capture)
  3. Using video conference facilities

Capture devices

Capture devices are also referred to as capture appliances.  They are physical pieces of equipment which are only installed in particular spaces.  They record your voice and the content you select and display using the touch screen.

A current list of CSU Replay capture device rooms is provided on the Learning and Teaching Registration form.

Classroom capture

Classroom capture (formerly known as podium capture) is a software solution which can be installed on any teaching space computer (upon request). Classroom capture records your voice and visual content from the computer (e.g. a PowerPoint presentation, website or software demonstration).  Because it records your voice it cannot record any audio coming from the computer.

Video conference facilities

Video conference facilities can be used to record traditional video conference classes between two or more sites.  They can also be used to record when you are teaching a local class and are not connecting to another site.

Teaching space technology