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Account Management

Your unique CSU staff account (CSU username and password or CSU login) provides access to many IT services including:

You can see your CSU username using the account activation system, and retrieve or change your password at any time. CSU usernames and passwords are case sensitive.

Staff not paid by the Division of Human Resources (e.g. PhD and RHD students, visiting research students, external contractors, consultants and vendors) can still have a CSU login created by using the Temporary Account Administration System.

If you think someone knows your password and has logged into your staff account, change your password immediately and inform the IT Service Desk of any suspicious activity.


Staff accounts are created once position details have been entered into the HR Information System.

Staff not paid by the Division of Human Resources need a Supervisor to create an account for them using the Temporary Access Administration System. Supervisors are responsible for maintaining access and disabling it when no longer required.

Use the online account activation system to receive your username and password.


Creation, management and support of staff accounts are funded by the University and provided at no extra cost to staff.


If you have further questions or need technical help after checking the Online Resources, contact the IT Service Desk

Service Owner

Manager, Client Services and Computing

Service Support Articles

  • Change your CSU account password every 120 days. You will lose access to some of your IT services (including the internet) if it expires
  • Retrieve your forgotten password online