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IT Disposals

The CSU Computer Shop provides a disposal point for university-owned IT equipment that is no longer required.

This includes:

  • Pickup and disposal of computing equipment when purchasing replacement equipment from the CSU Computer Shop
  • Help to complete the asset disposal form
  • Pickup and disposal of printers e.g. standalone or networked printing only devices
  • Provision of alternative methods of disposal of multifunction devices (MFDs). Any data retained on the device with be removed by the vendor at the time of disposal
  • Disposal of obsolete equipment in an environmentally responsible way. All data is removed before disposal and software licensed to CSU removed to avoid breaches of copyright and agreements

Computers picked up as part of a new computer system purchase will not have their data deleted until 10 working days after pickup.

Assets are the property of the University and must be disposed of in accordance with University requirements. Recording of asset disposals provides an accurate account of profit or loss in the University's financial statements.

Staff are not permitted to:

  • take a computer when leaving employment at CSU
  • give old computers to others in the community
  • dump an old computer including any parts in general waste disposal bins


  • Complete the Division of Financial Services asset disposal form [.pdf]
    • If computer system disposal is part of a new purchase, tick the 'Existing machine no longer required' box and complete the Machine Disposal Details on the form
    • Disposal details must be recorded on your business unit's asset register
  • To request disposal of surplus computer systems, contact the IT Service Desk
  • To request pickup and disposal of printers, contact the IT Service Desk
  • To dispose of large MFDs when purchasing a replacement device, request removal of the old device at the time of ordering


Provision of the disposal service is provided at no extra cost to the business unit except when disposing of an MFD without ordering a replacement.


If you have further questions or need technical help after checking the Online Resources, contact the IT Service Desk

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