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Computing Devices

Personal computing devices for staff to use on the CSU network are available to buy or lease from the CSU Computer Shop. This includes Windows desktops, laptops and tablets as well as Apple iMac's and MacBook Pro laptops.

Other mobile devices such as Android tablets and iPads are also available from the CSU Computer Shop.

Personal computing devices connected to the CSU network are provided with hardware warranty support and standard CSU software supported and maintained by DIT.  This includes:

  • installation of standard software applications
  • automatic updating of Windows and Apple operating systems and antivirus software
  • diagnosis and support of technical issues for devices and standard CSU software
  • support for device warranty repairs including:
    • diagnosis of technical issues
    • scheduling of external technician
    • tracking status of a repair
    • verifying repair has been completed and fault remedied

University personal computing/mobile devices not connected to the CSU network will only have hardware supported by DIT for the term of the device’s warranty.

Data management (including data backup) is the responsibility of the personal computing/mobile device owner.

Installation and support of peripheral devices (including purchases from the CSU Computer Shop) is the responsibility of the device owner.

Apple Device Guidelines

If you have a specific requirement for an Apple device, go to the Computer Shop - Apple Mac site.

If you wish to run a dual-platform environment on your Apple device, this can be requested when ordering a new device, or via the IT Service Desk for existing devices. This is only suited to someone who is an Apple Mac power user or for use for a specific application.

Please be aware some applications or services are not available on an Apple device. These include:



Individual item pricing is available via the CSU Computer Shop. Lease terms are determined by the warranty period of a hardware item.

Cost of installation and initial configuration of supported hardware and software, data transfer and ongoing maintenance is built into the purchase of each computer/mobile device.


If you have further questions or need technical help after checking the Online Resources, contact the IT Service Desk

Service Owner

Manager, Client Services and Computing

Service Support Articles

What to do if your computer or device is running slow

Sometimes system files and temporary files build up in the system slowing it down. By restarting your computer or mobile device, you will clear the system of unneeded and stalled processes.

Try the following steps to free up some space on your device:

  • Go to C:\Temp and delete all files and folders (some may not delete)
  • Remove old User profiles (for Win7 C:\Users, for Win 10 D:\Users)
  • Empty the recycling bin on your desktop
  • Uninstall any unused programs using Add and Remove programs on your device

If your device continues to run slowly, it may be that it is out of warranty and requires replacement with a newer device.