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Skype for Business

Skype for Business (Microsoft Lync for Mac users) can be used for video and audio conferences as well as instant messaging (IM) enabling quick and easy communication between staff.

Other features include:

  • Integration with Microsoft Outlook
  • Secure messaging and ability to save IM conversation history in Microsoft Outlook
  • Group chat function - messages sent in a group chat are seen by all participants regardless of their location
  • Presence information to easily check availability
  • Customisation of presence and availability details
  • Interoperability with Skype Personal - allows direct communication and messaging with students and non-CSU colleagues
  • Ability to create or join scheduled or ad-hoc audio or video conferences


Access is provided to all staff who have a CSU email account.

  • Microsoft Skype for Business (Windows users) - installed from the Install Software icon on CSU computers
  • Microsoft Lync (Mac users)  - installed from the Self Service menu on Macintosh PCs


Provision, management and support of this service is funded by the University and provided at no extra cost to staff.


If you have further questions or need technical help after checking the Online Resources, contact the IT Service Desk

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