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Internet Access

You can use any CSU managed device to access the internet on all campuses via CSU’s wired and wireless (eduroam) networks. Personal devices can also access the internet via the CSU wireless network.

Authenticated access to the internet through the CSU network is available for all users with a valid CSU username and password.  Access is logged and used to report staff internet access (including session history) and data usage for auditing purposes. Users will be contacted for clarification where there have been excessive or unexpected usage patterns.

The access system allows for:

  • Automatic authentication to the internet from CSU computers
  • Automatic internet authentication using the wireless network
  • Connection of non-user based devices to connect to the internet
  • Blocking of some internet services for security policy reasons. These services are NOT available to staff or students

You can access the internet using your CSU account via the eduroam wireless network while visiting participating institutions.

Internet access will be suspended if there is a breach of the Computing and Communications Facilities Use Policy


To access the internet, an active staff account (password less than 120 days since last change) is required. Internet access is blocked when a staff account expires.

To reactivate your staff account, change your password and request internet access via the IT Service Desk

If you are using a CSU computer or connecting to the CSU wireless network, you will be authenticated for internet access in one of the following ways:

  • Domain login to a CSU computer – Automatically uses your CSU username and password on your CSU computer to grant access to the internet when you log in. Primary method of access for staff
  • Your wireless login credentials (CSU username and password)
  • netauth manual authentication page - this method redirects your web browser to the netauth login page before internet access is granted. Once you have provided your CSU username and password, you can access the internet. You must leave the 'keep alive' popup window open to retain your access


Provision of this service is funded by the University and provided at no extra cost to staff.


If you have further questions or need technical help after checking the Online Resources, contact the IT Service Desk

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