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Wired Network

CSU’s wired network services include the:

  • Wide Area Network (WAN - campus to campus and the Australian Academic and Research Network, AARNET), and
  • Local Area Network (LAN - campus buildings network).

These services allow University network access for:

  • computers (up to 1 Gbps connection from computers to the network)
  • printers
  • videoconference units
  • audio visual control systems used in teaching and videoconference meeting spaces
  • VoIP telephones
  • Cardax systems
  • building management systems
  • security IP cameras

Through the WAN, you also have access to the two high speed (10 Gbps) connections to AARNET and the internet.

All devices connecting to the network must be capable of a minimum connection speed of 100 Mb/s and obtaining their network IP address by DHCP.


Connect a computer to the network

  • Plug one end of a network cable into the network port on your computer and the other into the network port on the wall.
  • If using a VoIP phone, connect the cable from your computer straight to the port on the base of your phone (picture of a computer below it). Plug another cable into the LAN port (LAN written below it) on the base of the phone and into the network port on the wall to provide network access to both devices.

Network registration

CSU computing devices (e.g. computers, printers etc.) must be registered to the CSU network to receive network access. Devices purchased from the CSU Computer Shop are registered to the CSU network as part of installation.

If a device’s registration is disabled, it needs to be registered again to receive network access.

By logging a request with the IT Service Desk (must provide a computer or device name), you can:

  • check a device’s registration status
  • request registration of a device
  • have a device’s registration disabled (terminated)

Network ports

Due to the size of each campus, not all network ports in all locations are currently active.

If you connect a CSU computer to an unused network port with no network access, you will need to request activation of the network port via the IT Service Desk providing the following information:

  • campus
  • building number
  • room number
  • port number

If there are insufficient network ports available in an area to meet requirements please contact the IT Service Desk to request the installation of an additional point.


If your network cable is missing or damaged, contact the IT Service Desk to request a replacement.

If you need a longer network cable (standard lengths are 2, 3, 5 and 10 metres) for same day delivery, contact the IT Service Desk and provide an account code for payment.

To request a longer network cable not required within 2 working days, place an order using CSU’s eProcurement system


Provision, management and support of the wired network services are funded by the University and provided at no cost to staff.

Network cables are charged based on market pricing.

Activation of existing network ports is at no cost to staff.

Installation of extra network ports is at no cost to staff (subject to DIT assessment).

Large numbers of installations due to building renovations etc. are be paid for as part of building works.


If you need further technical support, please contact the IT Service Desk

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