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Fax Software

Staff can send and receive faxes from CSU computers without the need for a physical fax machine or dedicated fax line.

Using the Interaction Fax software, you can:

  • use your telephone number as your fax number
  • receive incoming faxes as email attachments
  • send a fax from your CSU computer at any time when connected to the CSU network on campus or via the CSU Virtual Private Network (VPN).

If required, you can also request creation of a group fax and new fax number through the IT Service Desk


A CSU telephone number and installation of the Interaction Fax software is required to send and receive faxes.

  • Staff without a telephone number must request one from the IT Service Desk. An account code must be provided.
  • Interaction Fax is available from the Install Software icon on your desktop (listed as ‘Interaction Software – Fax’). For staff with the full version of Interaction Desktop installed - Interaction Fax is included in this suite.


Provision, maintenance and support of this service is funded by the University and provided at no extra cost to staff.


If you have further questions or need technical help after checking the Online Resources, contact the IT Service Desk

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Service Support Articles

Sending and receiving faxes

Faxes shouldn’t need to be sent to internal CSU numbers – scanning documents and sending via email is the preferred option.

If you need to send a fax to a CSU staff member, you will need to use their full phone number (e.g. 61 2 xxxx xxxx) and make sure they have Interaction Fax installed on their computer.

My fax number

Your fax number is the same as your telephone number unless you have requested creation of a group fax (accessible by more than one staff member).

If you don't have a telephone/fax number, you must request one from the IT Service Desk and provide an account code. When the telephone/fax number is assigned, you can install Interaction Fax.

Group faxes

You must request a group fax through the IT Service Desk. An Outlook mailbox will be created that all of the team can access and a fax number will also be created and provided to the person logging the request.

Send a fax using Interaction Client:

  1. Create the document you wish to fax using Microsoft Word or Adobe Acrobat. If you wish to send an excel spreadsheet save it as a .pdf file first and send it from Adobe Acrobat
  2. Select ‘Print’
  3. From the Printer Options choose ‘Interaction Fax’ > click OK. This will open up Interaction Fax.
  4. Click the ‘Send Fax’ button
  5. The Send Fax window will open
  6. Enter the fax number of person to whom you are sending the fax (including STD code and full number, their name, company and phone number
  7. Add other recipients by selecting ‘Add’
  8. Select a cover page to send with the message in the ‘Cover Page:’ field
  9. When you have selected all the recipients and your cover page (if you are attaching one), click ‘Send’
  10. If you have selected ‘Notification Options’, you will receive an email notification that the fax was successfully sent.

Receiving a fax using Interaction Client:

You will receive an email notification when you have received a fax. Click on each of the image files in the email to read your fax.

Cover pages and notifications

To set up cover pages:

  1. Open ‘Interaction Fax’
  2. Select ‘Tools’ > click ‘Options’
  3. Click on the drop-down arrow next to ‘Default Cover Page:’ and select the required cover page
  4. Click ‘Fields…’
  5. Enter the information required and click ‘OK’

To set up notifications:

  1. Open ‘Interaction Fax’
  2. Select ‘Tools’ > click ‘Options’
  3. In the ‘Notifications’ area, you can tick the relevant boxes to receive notifications of the success or failure of your fax transmission

Changing return number

  1. Open ‘Interaction Fax’
  2. Select ‘Tools’ > click ‘Options’
  3. Click OK to connect if the box shows
  4. Click ‘Advanced Options’
  5. Enter the outgoing number as the Station ID. This MUST be in the following format - +61 2 xxxx xxxx
  6. Click OK > OK again > close Interaction Fax

Changing sending organisation

  1. Open ‘Interaction Fax’
  2. Select ‘Tools’ > click ‘Options’
  3. Click OK to connect if the box shows
  4. Click ‘Advanced Options’
  5. Change the text in the ‘Page Header’ box so the new text appears in the header of the outgoing fax
  6. Click OK > OK again > close Interaction Fax

Using an old fax machine

As the current fax service operates over the CSU network, we no longer have dedicated fax extension lines. Your business unit would have to pay for a dedicated fax line to be installed in addition to the ongoing service costs. The initial and ongoing costs consist of:

  • installation fee for an external contractor to connect a physical Telstra line to connect the fax
  • Telstra monthly line rental
  • external vendor maintenance, warranty and support costs for fax machine
  • consumables (paper and toner)
  • any fax machine repairs including parts replacement

CSU are unable to provide any support or assistance with fax machine issues. External vendors must be contracted by your business unit to provide this.