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Promote an Event or Key Message

Changes to university computer login screens or background images to promote significant university events or socialise key messages can be requested through the Division of Information Technology (DIT).

This can include the display of university marketing materials or promotion of university events on managed staff, Teaching Room (AV), Video Conference (VC) and Public Access (PA) computers.

The default desktop background, login and lock screen images on all university managed computers is the values standard image.

Current university approved events approved for promotion include:

  • O-Week for start of 30 session (annually)
  • Foundation day (annually)


Images that can be changed across university managed computers include:

  • Login and Lock screens - staff computers
  • Desktop background, Login and Lock screens - AV, VC and PA computers

To request a change to these images, please contact the IT Service Desk with the following information:

  • Event title
  • Start and end dates of the event being promoted
  • Image/message to be promoted
  • Types of devices image/message to be displayed on (AV, VC, PA or staff computers)

When submitting your request, please note:

  • A minimum of 6 weeks lead time is required allowing promotion approval and development of display image
  • Information regarding IT support login and contact details (IT Service Desk or Student Central) must remain in promotional images
  • Promotion is available only on Windows 7 and 10 / Mac computers
  • Images will need to be made in several different sizes to ensure they fit and look correct on different screen sizes
  • Promotion is available for display 3 weeks prior to an event

Once received, your request will go through two stages of approval:


  • Needs to be approved as ‘significant’ by Executive Director, Division of Marketing and Communication (DoMC) (or nominee) or Executive Director, DIT (or nominee)
  • Where 2 events occur in a similar timeframe, the Executive Directors listed above will determine which event is to be prioritised
  • If the volume of requests exceeds an acceptable level (e.g. too many changes in a short time frame), this will be raised with the Executive Directors listed above

Event image:

  • Needs to be approved by DoMC

You will be advised of the status of your request and may need to work further with DIT to progress the changes. DIT will also contact you after all relevant approvals have been sought and changes are to be implemented.


Provision of this service is funded by the university and provided at no extra cost to staff.


Contact the IT Service Desk for assistance if you have further questions on the process listed above.

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