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Software and Online Applications

CSU offers a suite of standard (university site licensed) and non-standard software and online applications available on both CSU managed and personally owned computing devices. You can use the search bar below to filter and narrow down the range of listed items.

Non-standard software for use on CSU managed computers can also be requested through the CSU Computer Shop.

Specialist course software can also be requested as required to be installed in computing facilities and teaching rooms. See Computing Facility Software for more details.

See our recommended internet browser list to assist you in selecting the most appropriate browser to access specific CSU web services.

  • Available Software and Applications
  • Install Software
  • IT Online Training


    Install Software

    Staff are able to install university site licensed (standard) software on CSU managed and personally owned computing devices through a variety of methods:


    To install software on a CSU managed personal computing device:

    • Software Center (Install Software icon) - allows you to install a variety of university licensed (standard) and some non-standard software, updates and plug-ins on your staff computer. Access the icon from your desktop and select the software you wish to install from the list of available products.
    • Software Installation Rights – allows you to install non-standard software that is required to support university business. To obtain software installation rights (for up to 2 hours):
    1. Enter your username and password when prompted
    2. Read the terms and conditions
    3. Enter the name of the software you wish to install and what you will be using it for
    4. Click ‘Accept’
    5. Wait 15 minutes, log out of your computer and log back in
    6. Install the required software or hardware

    You must not download and install software to your CSU computer unless you have purchased a licence or you have verified that no licence is required (freeware, trial version etc). You must inform the CSU Computer Shop of the purchase of non-standard software and supply a copy of the Terms and Conditions. Staff who purchase software are responsible for keeping a record of the licence and comply with the terms and conditions.


    The provision, maintenance, support and access to software available for installation is funded by the university and provided at no additional cost to staff.

    Some software licensing costs may be applicable for non-standard software.

    Software downloaded from external websites will incur download charges if you access these sites on your personal device.


    Installation instructions are provided where necessary for preferred software.

    If you cannot download the software or access the software installation rights page, or the rights have not been granted after 30 minutes, please contact the IT Service Desk.

    Non-standard software installed on CSU managed computers must be updated and maintained by the software user. Where non-standard software is individually licensed to university business units/staff, it is the responsibility of the software user to retain original installation files and to reinstall the software after a reimage of a device occurs.

    Some software applications may save your working files to local storage (C or D drive) by default, it is your responsibility to maintain backups of these files in other locations (S: drive, removable media such as USB drive or CD) in case of hard drive failure.

    If you have further questions or need technical help, contact the IT Service Desk.

    DIT does not provide any installation assistance, support for problems caused by the installation or training in the use of non-standard software. If the software causes problems with the normal functioning of the computer, it will have to be reimaged by DIT. Any additional hardware of software that was installed prior to the reimage will be your responsibility to reinstall.

    IT Online Training

    DIT provides online training for the university via the ELMO eLearning System and LinkedIn Learning. Some online training is available through manufacturer websites (e.g. Microsoft Training Centre).

    Training areas include:

    • IT Fundamentals (IT induction) – ELMO eLearning System
    • Information Security Awareness – ELMO eLearning System
    • Information Security Awareness for Casual Staff – ELMO eLearning System
    • Classroom Technology at CSU – ELMO eLearning System
    • Microsoft Office 2013 Suite – Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Word, Project, Visio, OneNote, Access and Publisher
    • Conferencing at CSU
    • Operating Systems
    • Web Browsers
    • Web Editing
    • Adobe Suite – Acrobat, Reader, Captivate


    Access IT online training anytime, from any location with an internet connection.


    IT online training is funded by the university and provided at no extra cost to staff.


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