Charles Sturt University
Charles Sturt University

DataBee (Exam Management System)

Exam Management System (EMS) for CSU.


  • Access to the EMS must be requested via the EMS Access Request Form
  • Available on Windows operating system
  • Can be installed on CSU managed personal computing devices


Once you have been granted access to the EMS, you will need to install it on your CSU managed device. To complete this process:

  1. Open Software Center (Install Software Icon)
  2. Browse and install software that has been made available for your computer:
    1. Find the software in the list
    2. Click the Install button
  3. When your software has finished downloading, it will be available for use.

Service Owner

This system is licensed by the Division of Student Administration (DSA). Licensing includes purchasing, renewal and compliance management.


Self-help available - See options available on right.