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Analyses your text documents to identify the high level concepts, delivering key ideas and actionable insights with interactive visualisations and data exports.


  • Available on Windows and Mac operating systems
  • Can be accessed on CSU managed personal computing devices
  • Chrome, Firefox or Safari are the recommended internet browsers for Leximancer


If you have already installed version 3.5 please follow these instructions:

Leximancer requires Oracle Java to be installed:

  • Windows - Oracle Java 7 or Java 8
  • Mac - Intel OS X Java 6

Before upgrading Leximancer, be sure to check that your Java version is current.

If you have version 3.5 already installed, do not uninstall Leximancer first as this would result in the loss of any current projects.


  1. Backup the 'Leximancer-Desktop-V3.xx' installation folder to another location/folder.
  2. Copy the 'Leximancer-Desktop-V3.xx' folder to a new folder (eg: called 'Leximancer-Desktop-V4')
  3. Run the Leximancer V4 installer, selecting the (eg: 'Leximancer-Desktop-V4') directory as the target folder.

To install click on the following link and select open. Save file locally (Save Link As) [.zip]

Follow the prompts to install. Once installed, download the license key from the following link. From your start menu select "Leximancer 4 config" and then select the license code from where you saved it.

Service Owner

This software is licensed by DIT. Licensing includes purchasing, renewal and compliance management.


Self-help available - See options available on right.