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LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning is an online learning and development application with a library that includes more than 11,000 courses covering business, creative and technology skills, aimed at all levels of learner.

Content is delivered through high-quality videos designed for in-depth instruction and just-in-time microlearning.

Content is available in English, Spanish, German, French, Japanese, Mandarin and Brazilian Portuguese.

LinkedIn Learning is available whenever you're ready to learn. You can view it on your mobile device, and download courses to watch offline when it suits you.

LinkedIn Learning provides the ability for users with admin access to add custom content which is integrated into the platform, and to create and edit Learning Paths.


  • Access is available to all university staff and students from 9 July 2019 through single sign-on (SSO)
  • Log into LinkedIn Learning - enter in the email field - this will take you through our SSO portal where you enter your CSU username and password
  • If you access via the LinkedIn Learning home page - click on Sign in, select Sign in with your organisation account, enter and if prompted enter your CSU username and password
  • The first time you activate your LinkedIn Learning account you have the option to connect your LinkedIn account - if you choose to connect you will be prompted to log into LinkedIn (you can create a LinkedIn account if you don't already have one)
    Note: Your LinkedIn account is a separate login and is not available through single sign-on, you need to enter your LinkedIn email and password, not your CSU login details.
  • If you connect your LinkedIn Learning account to your LinkedIn account you can access LinkedIn Learning via the Learning button on your LinkedIn home page
  • Available on all computers, laptops and mobile devices

Service Owner

This application is licensed by the Division of Information Technology. Licensing includes purchasing, renewal and compliance management.


Self-help available - See options available on right.

Group Administrators

Business areaAdministrator
Office of Governance and Corporate Affairs (incl VC Office)
Office of Government and Community Relations
Catherine Gordon
Office of Strategic Planning and Information Katie Dunn
Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic) Clare Jonker
Faculty of Arts and Educations Laura Bloomfield / Vicky Frank
School of Communication and Creative Industries Patrick McKenzie
Faculty of Business, Justice and Behavioural Sciences Leanne Jones / Meredith Morton
Faculty of Science Andrew Cox / Tanya Tye
Division of Learning and Teaching Ellen McIntyre
Division of Library Services Kalindi Edgar
Deputy Vice Chancellor (Students) Deborah Bardon / Fiona Wetherspoon
Division of Student Services Amanda Cautela
Student Central Team Cecelia Steele / Tracey Connell
Residence Life David Griffin
Division of Student Administration Kady Whiteley / Lisa Griffin / Jackie Lewin
Division of Marketing and Communication Leonie Summersby / Cheryl Douglas
Deputy Vice Chancellor (Research, Development and Industry)
Research Office
Regional Archives and Arts
Spatial Analysis Unit
Rhonda O'Brien
Office of Global Engagement and Partnerships Jessica Ninness
Office of Indigenous Affairs Liz Laidlaw
Division of Finance Susan Ryan
Division of Facilities Management Katie White
Division of Information Technology Alison Foale / Tania Cowgill
Division of Human Resources Dawn Fairweather / Raegan Petzel / Caroline Jones
Student licences Kalindi Edgar / Julia Press