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Mozilla Firefox

Cross-platform web browser.

See our recommended internet browser list to assist you in selecting the most appropriate browser to access specific CSU web services.


  • Available on Windows and Mac operating systems
  • Can be installed on Windows CSU managed personal computing devices
  • Pre-installed on Mac CSU managed personal computing devices


This software is available for you to install on your Windows CSU managed device. To complete this process:

  1. Open Software Center (Install Software Icon)
  2. Browse and install software that has been made available for your computer:
    1. Find the software in the list
    2. Click the Install button
  3. When your software has finished downloading, it will be available for use.

This software has been pre-installed on your Mac CSU managed device. It is available for use.

Service Owner

This software is licensed by DIT. Licensing includes purchasing, renewal and compliance management.


Self-help available - See options available on right.