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Online Course Brochures (OCBs)

Online Course Brochures (OCBs) within the Charles Sturt University Future Students Hub are a key source of publically available course information for prospective students.

They are a course marketing tool used to provide engaging information about university courses and encourage students to apply.

There is an individual OCB for each program offered by the university and courses offered as articulated sets are linked within the brochures to assist students to navigate.

The OCBs contain much of the same information available to students through the Charles Sturt University Handbook. The Handbook, published by Governance Services, remains the official handbook of the university's courses and subjects.


Creating an OCB

OCBs are a complex web template containing a number of elements or building blocks:

New OCBs are created when there is a need to market/advertise a new course. The course must go through the university course approval process and be set up in a number of university systems before an OCB can be created:

  • Course profile approved in CASIMS
  • Course offerings available in Course Availability Listing (CAL)
  • A Program code (PCode) is set up in Banner and assigned to the Course/Award in CASIMS and the offerings in CAL

The PCode is what links all the information from the different systems together.

When the Web Methods integration system detects that all the pieces are in place, it sends the information to the Content Management System (CMS) and automatically creates a new template OCB containing the data sourced from CASIMS, CAL and the Course Fee System (CFS).

The Division of Marketing and Communication (DoMC) are then responsible for adding all the additional information required to complete an OCB (faculty approved content, images and rich media).

The template is reviewed by the faculty/course director before it is published or set live to the public.

Updating an OCB

Each time course data is updated in an authoritative system (CAL, CASIMS, CFS), this will trigger an update to the corresponding data in the CMS.

The OCB must be approved/sent live in the CMS to display the updated data.

This process occurs once per week on a Friday, to align with the handbook update.

If you have a change that needs to be updated urgently after an authoritative system update, contact the IT Service Desk to request an out of process approval/set live.

Service Owner

The Executive Director, DoMC is the owner of the OCBs as a system and product. Responsibilities include:

  • Overall responsibility and authoriser of Future Students Hub, Course and Career Area landing pages and OCBs, as this is the core hub of CSU's online marketing environment
  • Sign off on any changes to the OCB template design or functionality
  • Internal communication around OCB changes and improvements
  • Involvement in projects that will affect OCBs as the decision maker


If you have further questions or need technical help after checking the online self-help, contact the IT Service Desk

There is a specific category set up for OCBs in the Staff Service Centre - select the most appropriate sub category for your query:

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