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Updates and Security

DIT is committed to improving the security and reliability of the University's computing facilities. Some of our initiatives include:

  • SOPHOS Web Control
  • Microsoft updates for users to install on the second Wednesday of every month

Installing updates

Users are able to install Microsoft updates themselves from 9am on the second Wednesday of each month. We urge users to install these updates as soon as possible once they become available, to be as up-to-date and secure as possible.

What happens if I do not install the updates?

After a period of two weeks updates will automatically install and users will be forced to restart within three hours to finish their installation. The logged on user will be warned repeatedly to restart before this happens, including a prompt that cannot be closed warning of the restart.

For this reason we highly recommend users install the updates as soon as is convenient.

How do I install the updates?

Screenshot of Install Software desktop icon

  1. To install the updates open the Install Software (also called Software Center) application by double-clicking on its icon from the desktop.

  2. Screenshot showing the Available Software tab in the Software Center with Updates selected from the SHOW dropdown menuOnce the Software Center has opened, underneath the “Available Software” tab at the top left you can see any software available for your computer to install. To see only updates, select the dropdown box labelled “SHOW” and select “Updates”.
  3. You can now select the checkbox beside the “NAME” column which will select all the updates available to you. Click the “INSTALL SELECTED” button at the bottom right to start the installation. Note: You will see different updates available each month. Screenshot showing the list of Available Software in the Software Center with the NAME box checked
  4. You can see the progress of the installing updates under the “Installation Status” tab.

What happens if I am logged off or away from work?

If you return to work after the two week update deadline your computer will immediately install the updates and prompt you to restart within three hours.

What do the prompts to restart look like?

In order of appearance, these are the prompts that a user will see after the two week grace period to install the updates. Users will receive notifications before the restart. This will give them the opportunity to restart before it is forced.

Initial message when updates are installing Screenshot of prompt advising that software changes are required and to click for options
Suggestion to restart after updates have been installed Screenshot of prompt advising that recently installed software requires the computer to restart in 180 minutes to complete the installation. No additional software can be installed until computer has restarted.
The Software reboot window that appears when you click on the notification (green icon in the taskbar)Screenshot of prompt advising there is 3 hours before the computer restarts automatically and that the computer must restart to complete the installation of application and software updates.

After one hour another notification appears advising the user to restart and the deadline for the forced restart.

The time listed in this notification will change based on the time the updates are installed.

Screenshot of prompt warning that the user is about to be signed out and advising the date and time that the computer will restart
With one hour remaining before the forced restart, the progress bar changes to a yellow colour indicating increased urgency Screenshot of prompt advising there is one hour remaining before the computer restarts automatically and the progress bar is yellow 
With 15 minutes to go the progress bar changes colour again to a red colour, indicating the imminent reboot of the computer Screenshot of prompt warning there is 15 minutes remaining before the computer restarts automatically and showing the progress bar changed to red 

With 10 minutes to go another prompt appears which covers the user's screen advising them that they will be signed out in 10 minutes.

The user has to close this prompt.

Screenshot of prompt which covers the user's screen advising they are about to be signed out 
If no action is taken by the time advised to the user, the resulting update installation and restart process beginsScreenshot of the message that appears advising "Getting windows ready. Don't turn off your computer"