Charles Sturt University
Charles Sturt University

Enterprise Architecture and Liasion

What Is This Service?

We provide advice to the University on methods for improving business processes.

Enterprise Architecture & Liaison (EA&L) ensure solutions provided to clients align with the strategic and operational requirements of the University. As part of the Division, Senior Management & EA&L are responsible for the management, development and planned execution of the ISIP.

Collaboration with Senior Leaders of the University assists in identifying innovative, strategic and operational improvements in Information, Technology and Process to enhance services across the University.

What Is Included?

  • Presentations
  • Meetings
  • Provision of Guidelines and other graphical artefacts

What should I expect?

Target availability of service9am to 5pm - Business Days
Support hours9am to 5pm - Business Days

How Do I Initiate This Service?

Contact the IT Service Desk to request a consultation with an Enterprise Architecture and Liaison Officer.

How Much Does It Cost?

The provision of this service is funded by the University and is available at no extra cost to staff.

Where Can I Find On Line Self Help or More Information?

How Do I Request Support For This Service?

If you have further questions or need assistance after checking the online resources contact the IT Service Desk