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Internet Access

What is this service?

This service provides access to the Internet on campus using both CSU owned and personal devices. CSU owned computers with network registration can access the Internet from either the wired or wireless network. Personal devices can only connect to the wireless network to gain access to the Internet.

What is included?

  • Authenticated access to the internet via multiple authentication options using Internet Access System (IAS).  The method used will depend on the device capabilities.
  • IA Client for automatic authentication to the Internet from CSU computers
  • Automatic Internet authentication using the wireless network
  • Web page Authentication
  • Standard access for all staff using CSU owned computing devices (see below for further information)
  • Tracking of Internet usage (amount of data downloaded) for each staff member
  • IAS portal providing access to your data usage information, session history and access level selection. IAS portal address is
  • Ability to access the Internet with a mobile device when visiting eduroam participant sites
  • Assistance with Internet access issues on campus
  • Internet Access System Desktop Client installed on all CSU computers to provide automatic authentication to the Internet
  • Provision for the connection of non user based devices to be able to connect to the internet

What should I expect?

Target availability of service 99% availability. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
Support hours
Special access conditions Available to all staff requiring access to the Internet
Significant incident response Up to 15 minutes in 98% of cases during support hours for incidents affecting availability of service for all staff (this does not include incidents affecting individuals or a small subset of staff)
Significant Incident resolution Up to 4 hours in 98% of cases during support hours for incidents affecting availability of service for all staff (this does not include incidents affecting individuals or a small subset of staff)

How do I initiate this service?

All computers and devices connected to the CSU network have the ability to access the Internet using the Internet Access System (IAS). If you are using a CSU computer or connecting to the wireless network the IAS authenticates and grants access when you login. The 3 methods used by the IAS are

  1. The Internet Access System Desktop Client (IAClient) uses your CSU username and password on your CSU PC to grant access to the internet when you log in. This application runs in the background on your PC and pops up in the bottom right corner of your screen when Internet authentication has been successful. This is the primary method of access for staff .  These sessions are shown in the IAS user portal as 'AD Integration'
  2. Wireless login credentials (CSU username and password) uses your CSU username and password when you connect to the wireless network. These sessions are shown in the IAS user portal as  'dot1x'
  3. For those not able to run the IAS client and as a backup, a web page portal is used, like at a hotel or other internet provider. This method automatically redirects your web browser to the login page before access is granted, once you have provided your CSU username and password you will be logged in and can access the internet BUT you must leave the `keep alive `popup window open to retain your access (simular to the old Netdirect page)  These sessions will be shown on the IAS user portal as  'Web Login'

The conditions and obligations of using the Internet at CSU are set out in the Policy for the Use of University Computing and Communication Facilities.

How do I track my usage?

CSU tracks internet access for auditing purposes. Users may be contacted for clarification where there have been excessive or unexpected usage patterns.

The IAS is the control system used by CSU to manage and report on Internet Access. You can login to the IAS user portal at any time to check your usage history via the page.

Where can I find online self help or more information?

All staff have a standard level of Internet access applied to their CSU owned computing device/s.

Standard access allows you to connect to all Internet services (both known and unknown) but any connections back that are not related to your web browsing will be denied.

Please note: you will not be able to host services (such as web pages) and have them accessible from the Internet under the standard access level.

Additionally, some Internet services are ALWAYS blocked for security policy reasons. These services are NOT available on ANY access level or by request. CSU also recommends you have anti-virus software and Internet security/firewall software on your device to protect you from unsolicited access from the Internet.

For more information:

How do I request support for this service?

If you have further questions or need technical assistance after checking the online resources contact the IT Service Desk