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Mobile Device Management (iPad Sync Cart)

What Is This Service?

An iPad Sync Cart provides secure storage, charging, easy transportation and management capability for a fleet of iPads. It streamlines the process of charging, synchronising (syncing) and installing apps on the iPads making it simple to manage and deploy them to students in any teaching space.

The iPad Sync Cart has a device called a Sync Box inside of it. The Sync Box connects to a MacBook which has a program called Apple Configurator. Apple Configurator gives you the ability to create a master iPad so you can back it up and restore the backup to other iPads. You can also choose to create a profile or series of profiles to specify device settings and restrictions and install apps and documents ready for a student to use. Profiles can be applied and apps installed simultaneously when devices are connected to the iPad Sync Cart. iPads are set up as Supervised so they can be erased and their specified configurations reapplied each time they are connected to the iPad Sync Cart.

Apple's Volume Purchasing Program (VPP) enables you to purchase apps (20+) at discounted rates. App developers have the choice of making their app available at a reduced rate for educational institutions so not all apps are available at the discounted rate. Apple Configurator must be used to install all apps purchased through the VPP.

You can use Apple Configurator to

  • Install, update and remove paid Apps
  • Create configuration profiles to restrict functionality - set passcodes, allow or restrict iTunes Store, Youtube, Game Centre, Siri
  • Set up filtered access to Youtube
  • Create device groups
  • Allow sign in with an Apple ID
  • Regularly reset iPads to preferred settings

What Is Included?

  • Ability to securely store, charge and manage up to 32 iPads (or iPad minis) in one iPad Sync Cart
  • Digital keypad provides keyless entry
  • Four removable carrying baskets store up to 8 devices each
  • A MacBook with a generic user account and Apple Configurator pre-installed
  • A USB Hard Drive to use with the built in backup feature of the MacBook - Time Machine
  • Enrolment to Apple's Volume Purchasing Program (VPP) through CSU Computer Shop (if requested) and a Program Facilitator Apple ID account for purchasing. Due to the way in which Apple provides its applications clients are responsible for ongoing purchases
  • An Apple ID and password to use on the Macbook
  • Provision of generic CSU email accounts to use with Apple IDs
  • A baseline profile with minimal restrictions and a backup made of your Apple Configurator settings/device pairings prior to delivery
  • Instructions for using Apple Configurator and Time Machine
  • Remote assistance for the MacBook using VNC or screen sharing
  • Diagnosis and resolution of MacBook software issues. Diagnosis of hardware faults and referral to Apple for resolution
  • Diagnosis and resolution of iPad software issues. Diagnosis of hardware faults and referral to Apple for resolution
  • Ability to request changes to the baseline profile prior to delivery

What should I expect?

Target availability of service

Support for issues with iPad Sync Carts and their accessories are available during the IT Service Desk support hours

Support hours

An initial baseline profile called CSU Baseline.mobileconfig is provided to get you started. This profile

  • configures connection to the wireless network
  • blocks installation or upgrades of Apps using App Store or iTunes
  • blocks removal of Apps
  • blocks In-App purchases
  • blocks backups to iCloud

How Do I Initiate This Service?

To obtain a quote for an iPad Sync Cart visit the CSU Computer Shop and submit the Enquiry form

How Much Does It Cost?

The total cost will vary depending upon the items required (iPad Sync Cart, Macbook, iPads, Apps).  A quote will be provided for the current cost of the iPad Sync Cart and required accessories when the Enquiry form is submitted to the CSU Computer Shop.

Ongoing support of the iPad Sync Cart and its accessories for teaching are funded by the University and provided at no additional cost to staff

Where Can I Find On Line Self Help or More Information?

How Do I Request Support For This Service?

To obtain support during a class or for a class which is about to start use the High Priority and Teaching Support Hotline Phone (or use your mobile to call the IT Service Desk and select the High Priority and Teaching Support Hotline option)