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Plagiarism Checking (Turnitin)

What Is This Service?

The University provides access to an online Plagiarism Checking service which is also known as text matching. The service enables Academic staff to check student assessments for referencing errors and potential plagiarism. Improper citation can be detected by comparing student assessments against continuously updated databases.

Academics are entitled to submit students work for the detection function without consultation with the student but should ensure they have notified the students they will be checking the academic integrity of work submitted for assessment in the subject. Academics should familiarise themselves with the Acceptable Use Policy specified on the Turnitin website.

What Is Included?

  • Turnitin instructor account
  • Ability to use Turnitin from anywhere you have an Internet connection (subject to minimum system requirements)
  • Comprehensive and continuously updated databases to check student assessments against
    more than 12 Billion Web Pages, over 100 Million Student Papers, over 80,000 Major Newspapers, Magazines & Scholarly Journals and Books
  • Originality Report for each student assessment that can be printed and/or saved and shows the students assessment with its full formatting (exactly as it was submitted)
  • Ability to submit assignments individually or as part of a group from EASTS files that you have downloaded in batch zip format (Turnitin specify their student number and file size limit when you are uploading)
  • Side by side checking and similarity index (assessment is displayed with matches highlighted in different colours in a panel on the left and the list of matching sources is shown in a panel on the right)
  • Matches are differentiated by both numbers and colours for easier viewing by staff with mild colour blindness

What should I expect?

Service owner & responsibilities Turnitin is responsible for the availability and maintenance of their online service. CSU is responsible for licensing and providing login details to access this service
Target availability of service 24 hours a day 7 days a week except during Turnitin scheduled maintenance windows. An announcement will appear inside Turnitin in advance of when the system will become unavailable due to maintenance
Scheduled maintenance window Turnitin is unavailable on the first and third Saturdays of each month 7:00am to 11:00 am Pacific Time. (Convert the above Pacific time to Australian Time (AEST))

How Do I Initiate This Service?

Requests for creation of Instructor Accounts should be directed to your school administrative staff.

How Much Does It Cost?

Licensing and access to Turnitin is funded by the University and provided at no additional cost to students.

Where Can I Find On Line Self Help or More Information?

How Do I Request Support For This Service?

If you have further questions or need technical assistance after checking the online resources contact the IT Service Desk